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  1. New Member Introductions
    I lost my key to my 2001 eclipse I did buy a remote start imbolizer but didn't receive a wire diagram. I'd like help to bypass so I can start my car.i was told there is a way to bypass the imbolizer. I removed ignition cause i had put windows up. Thank you for the help.
  2. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    *SOLD* FS: Viper brand remote start kit, new-unopened For sale is my Viper brand remote start model 160XV. This is brand new and never has been opened. I’ve had it for a few years but never got around to installing it in my car. If you want any additional info on it, let me know. I’m asking...
  3. Problem Reports
    So I'm new here and a noob but i was wondering how do I figure out if my 03 GTS Spyder has a stock keyless entry on it or not? I bought it used and I was thinking about buying a keyless remote on EBAY, but i don't want to if it won't even work. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  4. Problem Reports
    Any help would be great... So i have a 03 gs with a clifford matrix 20.5x remote start alarm system. I switch the remote itself to a Viper and everything is cool...recently my car just starts by remote beeped and when i looked at the screen it showed that the car is on, went...
1-4 of 4 Results