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  1. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Anyone know an easy way to delete (aka deprogram/un-program/remove) a key-less entry key fob remote from a 2001 eclipse? I don't have extra key-fobs, so I can't just over-program it from the car. For those nosy individuals: While out of town, I lost my 2000 eclipse's key fob (gulf of mexico...
  2. Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a stupid question. Lately I bought 02 Eclipse GT and all I got was a key with no fob. So I decided to get one because everything online says that I have Keyless system im my car. The onli problem is that I found 3 different remotes and I don't know which ne will work for me ...
  3. Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi, I own a '02 Spyder GS. I bought it a couple months ago and i have only 1 key for it. I was wondering if there is a possibility that not only the second key got lost by the forst owner, but the remotes to unlock the doors. I was thinking maybe the car has already a module and I would need...
  4. Car Audio and Electronics
    Anyone know how to deprogram all programmed remotes from my car? Thanks
  5. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hello I tried looking around for instructions or a "how to" guide on programing a key less entry remote for my 2004 Eclipse Spyder GS and I can't seem to find it. Any help or point me to the right direction? :dunno: Thank you
1-5 of 7 Results