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  1. NEED HELP FAST!!! shift linkage w/ pics

    Problem Reports
    First how do i post pictures? Next, im working on tearing my car doen to replace the shift cables. I have the whole pastic dash out and electronics The steering wheel is unpluged and hanging. Center console is out. Next im working on the metal support.. Whats the best way to remove this? And...
  2. 4th mounting stud removal (taillights)

    Problem Reports
    So I have an 01 eclipse, but for whatever reason I only have 3 mounting holes for the studs like 03-05? Dont understand why, but whatever. For anyone who has removed the 4th stud, what did you use? When I am trying to remove the stud it feels like im gonna break the whole thing off. Any advice...
  3. crankshaft (harmonic balancer) removal help

    Problem Reports
    i need help removing my crankshaft or harmonic balancer. thanks
  4. Belt Loop Removal

    Show and Shine
    I have a '01 Spyder, and just bought new Coverking car seat covers for it. The belt loops needs to be removed, and there is no apparent easy way to do it. I found a few threads about it online, but no one seems to have an answer. Does anyone out there know how to remove the belt loops without...
  5. Do side skirts come off 2003 Eclipse easily?

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I am new to owning an Eclipse. The previous owners wife hit a curb and scratched and dented the passenger side skirt all to crap. My fiance insist that the only way to get it off is to cut it off. This sounds insane to me. So, do these side skirts come off w/o cutting? Do they bolt and have...
  6. Back Emblem troublee...

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    Hey i tried to search for this but couldnt find it so sorry if theres already a post on thiss...but anyways.. i want to take out the red diamonds in my emblem to paint them black...the front ones came off with no problem what so ever....the back emblem however, i cant seem to get the diamonds...
  7. taking out my zex wet kit please advise

    hey guys, i got an intake. so when i take out the nitrious tap feeding into the intake, what should i buy to plug and seal the hole? and also my is a wet kit and its tapped onto the fuel line. If i remove the fuel tap line from my stock fuel line, i need to find something to fill that because...