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  1. Newbie needs help

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Upgrading my car from a 2001 Focus to a 2003 Eclipse GT. I bought this car in pieces for $200. The last owner tried to put a clutch in, in his back yard, and it didn't work out well for him but I hope it works out well for me. I feel completely capable of doing this job as I have done many...
  2. Removing EGR valve

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hey everyone, I'm having the wonderful P0401 CEL and I'm trying to clean out my EGR valve but I can't reach it. Is there any special way to unbolt it or reach it? Thanks
  3. Rear quarter panel replacement HELPP

    New Members Forum
    hey everyone, im new to this forum, I have looked for a good hour and coudnt find anyone who attempted to replace a rear quarter panel or made a how-to.. I have recently purchased a 2000 eclipse rs with a smashed passenger quarter panel and was needing some insight.. and no I dont wanna take it...
  4. OEM Replacement Fog Light Difference M107903/M107903Q ?

    Show and Shine
    I'm trying to buy OEM Style replacement fog lights, but every website that I go to online gives me two choices or one of the two choices for 03-05. The part number i get is the same, minus the "Q". So I have searched and will continue to search until I find an answer. So does anyone know What...
  5. ECU removal

    Problem Reports
    2001 Eclipse GT Sportronic 95,000 miles Had a lot of electrical issues and it turns out the idiot who put in the new ECU a few months back got the wrong one. I don't trust him to do the work again but got the info so I can return it and get the correct ECU. I've got the battery removed, I...

    New Members Forum
    My eclipse is having trim piece problems....They are coming apart and need to be replaced. I have found the Pillar Trim Pieces but I need to find the trim piece that goes across the back window at the bottom. I am having very bad moisture leaks, and is fogging up my back window during winter...
  7. WTB 03 Splash Shield, Front, Driver Side

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    My CAI is getting SOAKED with the snow.. and little bit of rain.. And im not sure if it can hydrolock from the snow/slush coming off the tires when i drive soaking the CAI. But i dont wanna chance it.. I looked EVERYWHERE online and found it around $34-$40. Plus another $25-$30 for shipping...