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  1. Problem Reports
    Hey i have an 01 gs autommatic 2.4l. When the car is idling in drive or reverse it makes a sound that i can only describe as a mixture between a rattle and squeal. It is worse when it is cold or wet outside. If anyone knows what this might be that would be great. Sent from Free App
  2. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    I went to a junk yard for something and found an 03 GTS and 2 01 Stratus R/T so I figured I'd snatch up a few good items I found to share. The stereo is actually mine and has been sitting in a box for years since I upgraded it. Everything else is from the above mentioned cars. All prices OBO...
  3. Problem Reports
    My husband owns a 2000 GT with 107k on it. About 5 months ago, when shifted into reverse, the car would jolt, hard. when put into drive...nothing, back in reverse BAM! Theres no noise just a powerful jolt.....So naturally we assumed motor/tranny mount. The engine damn near jumped out of the car...
  4. Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Do you guys think this is a good price for the reverse and corner lights combo? :scratch: 00-02 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE BUMPER+RED/SMOKE REVERSE LIGHT: eBay Motors (item 300431433079 end time Jun-25-10 12:07:09 PDT)
  5. Car Audio and Electronics
    I recently purchased reverse glow gauges for my 00 gs but they didn't come with instructions does anyone know what i would wire the red and black power wires to?
1-5 of 5 Results