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  1. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    I have a set of 20 used lug nuts taken off a 2007 Eclipse. $18.00 for the whole thing. Never know when you need a spare or a couple...
  2. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Good set of wheels for sale. Very small nicks here and there, and only one small 2 inch curbage on one wheel which could easily be sanded in a few minutes to blend (see picture). All center caps included and intact, a couple need to be sprayed with silver touch up paint. Selling with...
  3. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    The center caps on my car are shot so i'd like to get some new ones. I would prefer chrome ones if possible but others will do. If possible it would have to be shipped to 56128, if you have some please let me know! Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results