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  1. New Wheels, Stock tires?

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    So i bought my 2003 eclipse gts about 4 months ago or so, and I've finally decided i want new wheels...I have the stock tires (215/50z r17 95w) and was wondering if i should get rims of that diameter, or bigger tires along with new wheels? the car is fully stock as of now
  2. 17x9 +20 offset rims! I need advice.

    Hi, so I'm getting these: Mint 17x9 20 Str 522 5x114 3 5x100 Wheels Aggressive Concave Acura 5x4 5 JDM | eBay because: Great deal and I have a Dove White Pearl '01 GS Spyder. I've looked and looked and looked and looked and LOOKED. So please don't try and tell me that I haven't. I'm in...
  3. rim help

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    i have an 02 eclipse spyder gt with ugly ass black steel rims. a friend of mine has some boss 304 18'' rims with 245 40 tires on them that came off a gmc jimmy. i was wondering if someone could tell me if these will fit on my car or if they will be to wide since the car is entirely stock and if...
  4. 114.3 mm 5 bolt KATANA RIMS

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I didn't read the rules.
  5. Wheel covers/hubcaps?

    Quick question, I've been looking to get my rims black for a while now and I've considered everything from plasti-dip to powder coating and now I'm wondering if I can just get a set of wheel covers/hubcaps to completely cover my 17" GTS rims? I've looked unsuccessfully to find a set that would...
  6. 2 3g Eclipse 17" rims - $100 obo

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: 2 3g Eclipse 17" rims - $100 obo 2 - stock 3g eclipse 17" rims for sale. No tires on the rims. They came off of my 01 Eclipse. $100 obo. I feel my price is very reasonable, but feel free to make offers. Just could use some extra money, don't need these any more. Also let me know if you just...
  7. Bent Rim, Fixable?

    I was driving home and hit a pothole in the ground going maybe 20, it was dark on a road I don't take that often. Of course I thought I bottomed out & I was scared on the damage. Turns out I bent in the rim in this process, so I guess the question is, can I repair this? Do I need to repair this...
  8. FS: 18 inch black TSW wheels

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of TSW Jarama Wheels that are 18x8 inch and lug pattern of 5x114.3 that are gloss black with a chrome lip. two wheels have a small curbing on them but arent bad. they are fitted with Nankang NSII sport tires that still have good tread. asking $750 or best offer.I traded my eclipse...
  9. 03 Spyder GS Factory Alloy Wheels

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have (4) 2003 Eclipse Spyder GS Factory Alloy (Chrome Finish) Wheels that I would love to sell. They are 5-Spoke 16" x 6", 5 Lug x 114.3 Bolt Pattern with just 45k Miles. I upgraded my wheels and tires last summer. (I only have rims not the tires) but I have all OE lugs as well and each wheel...
  10. Need help finding wheels

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    Hey everyone, I just got a pair of summer wheels for my 02 rs, they are 17's. I'm trying to find some wheels that will fit. Preferably something cheaper but still low profile ( not rubber bands). I have no experience shopping for tires and could use some help. Thanks!
  11. 00' Fed Spec GT Complete Part-Out

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey everyone, For those who haven't read my graveyard thread, my Eclipse endured an injury that Duct-tape can't fix so it's time to whore her out and sell her whole body...the car I mean. Anywho, literally EVERYTHING is for sale. Because of that, please use the link to see the pictures. If you...
  12. WTB! Stock 4G Eclipse or 9th Gen Galant 18" Wheels

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Just As the title says, im looking for the 18" Stock 4G Eclipse or 9th Gen Galant 18" Wheels. Can anyone help me out here??? Cash in hand!
  13. Want to newer model wheels on my older model. WILL IT WORK?

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    My 02 eclipse has a tire size of 215/50/17 is it going to affect anything if i use factory wheels from and 06 model which is 225/50/18? i dont want the tires to rub or anything. You guys think i'd be ok doing this? :happysad:
  14. WTB: 2003 GT Stock rim

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, if any of you are willing to sell just ONE of the stock 03 GT rims, please hmu. I live in North NJ. Thanks, Pat :wub:
  15. White wheels photoshop

    Photoshop Requests / Tests
    i was just wondering if someone could do a photoshop of my car and make the rims white, and possibly put a drop on it...:yesway:
  16. Schmidtys 01 eclipse

    Members Rides
    When I first got it. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Now. Mod list: Exterior Painted black dual halos Night-shaded turns, tails and reverse Painted Red Calipers Debadged V6 emblems Color matched fuel door Color matched rear pillar strip Interior 7 inch jensen vm9215bt Two 10 inch MTX Blue...
  17. WTB - 17" - 15 Spoke Eclipse Factory Rim

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Need to replace one (1) bent rim. Have searched salvage yards and classified ads and no luck finding one yet. Truly praying someone on this forum will be my Hero. Here's the pic of the rim style: . Thanks, SC
  18. Need new anyone

    I have a flat spot on the inside of my driver side rim. I was wanting to get new Konig black rims that will run me about $560 but I wanted to check to see if anyone here can direct me to a website or another person who can get me rims for cheaper, and preferably 17" black 5 or 6 spoke rims that...
  19. How to remove paint from stock GS rims

    Show and Shine
    Hey guys, So I've been doing a lot of research about how to get the stock rims on my 2002 GS down to the metal and can't find anything!! :mecry2: My rims are chipping badly and I want to re-paint them. I used some paint remover and it only comes off in little chunks. I've also tried to sand...
  20. Just another PS wheels request

    Photoshop Requests / Tests
    Hey all I have an 03 galant and thinking of powdercoating my rims. I'm not a fan of bronze but it looks like it might look good on there. Can someone do a few for me? Obviously I have white, but try like a gloss black even tho i only like it with a chrome lip (which I don't have now). Also...