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  1. SP Performance Rotors & Pads

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    Thanks for welcome guys. I picked up a 04 Eclipse as a daily for dirt cheap. Well, with dirt cheap comes minor issues that need to be addressed. I immediately decided to upgrade the rotors and pads on the car and I wanted to go with something a little more "performance" oriented because...
  2. Terrible ride and shake in steering wheel

    Hello everyone, eclipse novice here, I have a terrible shake in my steering wheel when I brake, typically at any speed above 30mph. I bought my 2000 gt with 98k miles on it and have put almost 7k miles on it since june. I am not sure if the suspension or brakes had any recent work, (besides...
  3. help me choose and find

    okay had a previous post about rotors and was receiving some good advice, until it got closed for some reason, i did search the site and other threads but so far i haven't been able to get a definitive answer, so again i need new rotors and pads for my 02 eclipse GT, there scraping metal to...
  4. Rotors and Brakes??

    need new rotors and brakes and instead of jst buying some regular shits i wanna get better 1's. i can't decide of which to get because the mechanic shop told me that rotors like these require alot of heat/speed or whatever he said, but yea if you guys have any opinions, options let me kno...i...
  5. need your opinion b4 I buy these rotors + pads

    I need to change my front rotors and pads asap rotors are probably warped. I get a vibration in the steering wheel when braking at 45+ MPH and the pads are worn out. I was thinking of getting these Centric Posi-Quiet Extended Wear Pads for $36 More Information for CENTRIC 10608660 and the...
  6. new R1 concept Rotors and pads but there squeaking???

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    i jus replaced the rotors and pads and have done this a 100 times in diffrent cars and SUVs but with the new R1s i went with the cross drilled and slotted rotors but there is an awful squeak that came with them..... any thing that can help would be great thanks :scratch: