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  1. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So after reading on these puppies everyone says they are the way to go. Problem is i can't tell to get. I've found one header on their site that has the flex pipe included and is a long tube. So here's my questions. (I have a 2003 gt) 1. What's the difference between their shorty and long tube...
  2. Eclipse Performance
    Okay, not exactly sure if this would be considered the right place to post, but I figure there is more of a chance of it getting answered in this section than any other. I want to order short tube headers from RPW, but their system for it is very weird. They claim you have to wait until your...
  3. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I've been searching through the forums the past couple days. Is there a general guide line for when oversized valves should be installed? This winter, while the car is off the road anyway, I'm doing a couple upgrades. I just placed an order for stage 2 cams and springs from RPW. I can't seem...
  4. GT/GTS
    To anyone who can help, hey, i had plans to buy the performance intk manifold that was supplied by RPW. recently i checked there site to see how much they where now runing for and i noticed it was no longer posted. so my question is, does anyone no of another site that makes and sells...
  5. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    need a rpw header setup for 3.0 v6 hit me up with what you got and please no megan or dc sports or any of that junk it sounds raspy not my style
  6. Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Looking to get some RPW stuff. Stage 3 cams, springs, and the short tubes for an N/A build. Seems bulliet proof to me. However, (go ahead and laugh) the ads are confusing. 6g7 N/A valve spring kit. "$316.16 per unit (spring)" "24 springs in a package" What the hell? Same goes for the cam kits...
  7. Group Buys
    Wondering if anyone still had any kind of intrest in RPW long tubes (GT) anymore??? $535 is the group buy price for 5 or more sets and i know my "rep" is low but :dunno:thats only bc my friend decided to post some really flame-worthy comments:noway: while he was clicking around on my account...
  8. GT/GTS
    Alright, well ive decided to get a set of cams for my car. I am looking into getting the RPW Stage 3 supercharger cams so i can be streetable. Im really worried about the black box being able to tune for this. I called ripp today and asked if the BB could tune the cams, and mark goes "who makes...
  9. GT/GTS
    For those interested here is an Australian Magazine called Zoom which did a whole spread in January (Came out in June 2004) on our twin turbo vehicle.
  10. GT/GTS
    Anyone have them? What gains have you seen? What setup are they on?
1-10 of 10 Results