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    Ok, so I bought this system from RIPP back in 03, put it on the car, car ended up sitting then the SDS shaft had issues, sent it in for repairs, got it back, car sat again. Since the SDS went on it's only been driven about 500 miles until a couple months ago when I finished it up and have since...
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    I have a stage 2 pulley that im looking to swap for the stage 1. Im not looking to make any kind of profit. I just want to make my 3g a little more reliable and have a little more peace of mind. Im located in NC.
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    00' V6 RIPP SDS Build PART 2! Spring 2012 update last post! Hello all, I am currently working on a 00 V6 with a RIPP SDS kit on it. The car starts and idles, but as soon as you touch the throttle is chokes out and dies. Basically, this car has had to many hands under the hood, and I have...
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  6. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Update as of 3/23/10 SDS: SOLD Brand New stainless steel 3 Inch test pipe, 70$ NGK (new) 2 step colder iridium plugs SOLD Autometer oil pressure, oil temp, and water temp gauges with oil block adaptor. SOLD!!!! 72 distributor ('01) SOLD 74 distributor ('01) SOLD 74 fuel rails. SOLD 72...
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    As the title states I have these items for sale. Ripp Supplemental fuel system: 175$ Shipped Ripp SDS Fuel pressure regulator: 50$ Shipped Ripp Black and Brat boxes: 200$ takes both shipped Ripp SDS stage 1 pulley, its pretty scratched up from storage but it'll function like new: 15$ shipped I...
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    I’m running my car with stock engine and stage 1 SDS. I have the injectors that come with the sds kit but I also have the supplemental fuel system not working now. I would like to star running my car with those supplemental injectors also plus the other ones to get richer my car. I want to run...
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    to start i just got the car and dont know a lot about issue is when i drive the car cuts out on acceleration. ive got maf code and #6 missfire code. so where my problem is the ripp kit came with some diode that you put in the maf and a hks afr fuel controller. i know that the maf is bad i...
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    I'm about ready to install the SDS kit need some advice on the following since I don't have the kit yet (waiting on ups). (1) Is there a way to adjust more boost on a stage one kit without upgrading to lighter pulleys. (2) Anyone with a belt tensioner, is it necessary and does it increase...
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    I have read through tons of threads and as soon as I think I've found the answer to my question the next thread suggests something different. Forgive me if I missed the thread with the info I needed. I'm looking to add between 50 to 150 WHP. My MAX budget would be 5K I don't have an imaginery...
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    I have been on the FI forums for 2 years now, but have never heard of this question asked or anything. Does a Turbo Timer help the SDS any, could there bearings seize up just as a turbo would?
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    right now theres no cats, I was thining a cat would make the loud ricer exhaust sound be less, not to mention I might pass emissions.. will it hurt my SDS setup?
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    Hi everyone, I'm a newly boosted member here and things were going pretty good. I had been using the stage one pulley for my supercharger for about a month now and then it got damaged somehow and makes the supercharger make weird noises in the shaft. My kit came with a stage two pulley as well...
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    ____Ok, I think that I've made my decision on what I want to do with my motor and I just had a couple of questions to ask. First off, will the 6g72 sds kit fit on the 6g74? As far as I can see there shouldn't be much issue, I just want to make sure. Also, tell me if I got this right, for tuning...
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    Sorry in advance, I DID search for almost an hour and couldn't find any consensus... RIPP's site recommends NGK copper core plugs (particularly with the boost cooler), but I remember reading in David Vespremi's "Car Hacks and Mods for Dummies" book that copper plugs may have to be changed with...
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    what do I do with the vacuum box? i have the boost pipes connected, the oil feed, the drain, sds its mounted on.. I just need the belt and vacuum block... what parts of the SDS kit need vacuum... just the BOV to the FPR.. anything else? am i pretty much done with the install after I connect...
1-18 of 70 Results