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  1. Sebring LXI head swap?

    New Members Forum
    Hi all, Recently picked up an 03 Sebring LXI 12 valve 3.0 SOHC 6G72. My question is this; will the 3000gt base model 24 valve heads mount to this engine as they are both set up for SOHC timing chains? I know the engine is mounted in the opposite orientation (trans on driver side), but are the...
  2. Are all 3G dash panels the same?

    New Members Forum
    I just bought a 2001 Eclipse. Lots of little nitty things wrong with it so I got it at an exceptional price and have fixed 90% of them for less than $200 but now it is time to tackle the cracked dash. It is cracked all over including the radio and the instrument cluster bezels. I found an...
  3. 2001 rear end

    New Members Forum
    hey sorry if i seem noobish here but that because i am hah. but today while driving in this terrible minnesota weather i slammed my left rear tire into a curb essentially wrecking my entire rear end. im looking around but none of the junk yards near here ive talked to have a good one. one of my...
  4. FS Random parts I have laying around, The car is gone, now these need to be too

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Well the Sebring is has gone to the next owner, and/or the great junkyard in the sky (she wasn't in the best shape when I sold her off, and I no longer see her around town). Now I am left with a buildup of some random parts that I need to get rid of. I might have more things that I will add...
  5. po431

    Problem Reports
    Alright this is what is going on. I have a 431 code which is the cat is running below threshold or meaning its f'd. The possibilities are a bad cat, mis fire, large vacuum leak, or oil leaking into my exhaust valve seals or piston rings. I am burning oil off because its not leaking on the ground...
  6. 6G72 Block and 6G75 Heads?!?

    Eclipse Performance
    well as you can probably tell from the Username I Have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring with the 6G73 and I hope this is the right place to post this, kinda new to this, what I'm looking at as of this point from the information I've gathered i want to do the common 6g72 swap on my car, as opposed to the...