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  1. Car Shakes When at Stop, and dies if shakes long enough.

    Problem Reports
    I don’t know a lot about cars so sorry for the vague description. But a week ago, at stop signs my car would shake, and sometimes, the engine would just stop. I’d be stepping on the brake and it will start shaking and eventually stop running if the stop light is long enough. And I’d have to...
  2. Shaking 65+ mph

    New Members Forum
    Hi, so I randomly started having pretty mild shaking start in my car. I have a 2003 Mistubishi Eclipse GS, right around 108k miles. I just had my wheels rotated, balanced and air pressure checked so they're good. My car has a *very minor* pull to the right. When I got the tires rotated, I was...
  3. Motor Mount?

    New Members Forum
    I have a 2000 gt and when ever I put it in reverse the engine jumps a little making the cabin jump too. Also when ever I sit in drive the whole car starts shaking. Could it be the motor mounts going bad? It jumps worse after I've been driving for a while.
  4. engine shake/stutter between 1500-2000 rpm

    Problem Reports
    when im driving down the road after my car shifts and the rpm is around 1700 the engine will start shaking like stuttering I changed spark plugs and wires helped some but still does it help?
  5. 03 Eclipse GTS shaking and jerking while accelerating.

    Problem Reports
    I am in the process of buying a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0 V6 convertible 5 spd from my father, who owns a used car dealership. The first time I drove it, It drove great, and there were no probelms that I could tell. I drove it for around 45 minutes no problem. On the way home, I put about...
  6. Steering Wheel Vibrates/Shakes around 55+

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 Auto GTS. It has 136 K Original miles. The car drives smoothly but the steering shakes a little violently around 55 MPH. It happens almost like a pattern every 2 seconds. it increases when accelerating and I don't feel it anywhere in the car except the steering. The braking doesn't...
  7. Random shaking at highway speeds

    Problem Reports
    I have searched and searched and found nothing specific to my problem. I have a 2001 gt. My problem is at highway speeds sometimes(not all the time) the car will begin to shake violently. I have tried putting it in neutral or down/up shifting but the only thing to stop it after its started is...
  8. HELP!! Few questions i need answered

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I have a 2001 eclipse 2.4L and when i start it in sequels for about 20 seconds and then stops and wont do it again until i let it sit for a little bit!! what could it be. another thing when im idling the car shake inside the cab i had a guy look at the motor mounts he could see and they have...
  9. A few issues

    New Members Forum
    This is actually my first post on here, and I've recently encountered a few problems with my 3g. It's a 2001 GS, auto tranny. I got it about 2 years ago, it had a rebuilt title, etc. It had to have a new transmission put in, and the shifter has one screw in it that isn't the right size. I've...
  10. Spyder Vibrates

    Problem Reports
    So I have an 03 Spyder Eclipse GS and when the car is sitting at Idle the car is fine. It sits between 600 rpms and 800 rpms. When I put it in drive and I am holding the brake it is fine but when I press the gas it shakes bad!!! I can go 5 mph or 25mph it shakes the same. But when I stop it...
  11. Car Shakes Under Acceleration

    Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2001 SUBMODEL:GT TRANSMISSION: Manual MILES: 135,000 PROBLEM: Ive searched but found no answer. I recently had both my driver and passenger axles replaced within this month. when my passenger went bad my car shook terribly and once i got that replaced it ran smooth. and now this past...
  12. Squeeking and Seizure

    Problem Reports
    Im new to the site, I drive an 03 GT with manual tranny. From what i found in search, my passenger side engine mount is what's causing the annoying squeaking when im in low gears, not the suspension. My other concern is that when at a stand still, i go to let the clutch out and accelerate, the...
  13. Car (or engine) shakes violently when starting to drive from standstill

    Problem Reports
    Well I got yet another problem with my Eclipse (2000 V6, manual, 125k). It shakes like crazy when I'm beginning to drive, feels like the engine is trying to pop out of the hood... However this condition is not persistent. Sometimes the car will begin to move just fine, yet sometimes I have to...
  14. Engine/ A lot of Vibration

    Problem Reports
    Hi i know i'm a new member here. i recently just bought my first car. it is a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. I bought this car with serveral problems that needs to be adress. i can do most of the problems on my own. But the real question is this. My car shakes or vibrates a lot. once i start my car...
  15. shaking in first gear

    Problem Reports
    Alright so I recently had my trans rebuilt at 120k. Everything seems fine while driving in 2nd through 5th, but taking off in 1st is my problem. When trying to do a gentle take off with low rpms the car shakes and vibrates like crazy, but if I rev it up to about 3 or 4k and slowly pull out the...