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  1. Problem Reports
    First how do i post pictures? Next, im working on tearing my car doen to replace the shift cables. I have the whole pastic dash out and electronics The steering wheel is unpluged and hanging. Center console is out. Next im working on the metal support.. Whats the best way to remove this? And...
  2. Problem Reports
    Have 3.0L gt with some problems to say the least. I got the vehicle running a few days back and now am facing some problems with it (The vehicle not running was unrelated) . Seems to me a problem with the clutch, but not too sure. When in the driver seat I am able to shift the gears without...
  3. Problem Reports
    Hey i have an 01 gs autommatic 2.4l. When the car is idling in drive or reverse it makes a sound that i can only describe as a mixture between a rattle and squeal. It is worse when it is cold or wet outside. If anyone knows what this might be that would be great. Sent from Free App
  4. Problem Reports
    EDIT: This problem has been resolved. Thank you to everyone who helped 2001 sportronic GT with 145,000 miles. After market air intake is only mod. I took out the silver plate that has P,R,N,D on it so that i paint it black. I got it all put back together and now the button on the shift...
  5. New Members Forum
    Hello, I searched the 3g forum and couldn't find anything about this topic, so i started a new tread. Sorry, i'm a newbie... My question is: How do you drive the Auto/Manual transmission? At what RPM should i shift, downshift? AND: what's the official name for it? :dunno: I heard people call...
1-5 of 6 Results