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  1. Problem Reports
    2003 eclipse gs 2.4 automatic Hello, I've been having problems with my turn signals and hazards. When the hazard or blinker switch are turned on, neither the outside bulbs nor the dash indicators light up. There is still the clicking noise coming from the etacs. I've checked all the fuses...
  2. Problem Reports
    Ok, so here's my story. Couple weeks ago I parked too close to the parking bump and when backing up it pulled my front bumper and the front driver side turn signal socket broke. So I needed to replace it and couldn't find the part I needed. Then finally I came across the part number #MB943608...
  3. Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Hey i am looking for some after market front signal lights for my 2001 gs. I just installed some smoke tinted halo headlights and the amber signal lights do not match. I was looking online but could not find any that are not amber. Please help!!!
  4. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hi guys, I've searched and searched until I had a headache from searching lol. Alas, I've discovered that most people that insall NO2 kits here have a 6G72. I have an automatic/tiptronic 2000 GS 4G64, and would like it if someone can help me find out the best place for me to tap into an RPM...
  5. Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Hey folks, i'm having a brainfart and some help is needed. I'm looking to buy some new turn signals for the whip preferably smoked, but I also wanted to change the two orange reflectors that are found right under the turn signal(if that's what they are even called). I found some signals I liked...
  6. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    looking to buy front turn signal pigtails or harness what ever you want to call them. Don't know if there is a difference between the 01 and 03 years but i have an 01.
  7. Problem Reports
    Hi everyone, sorry if this post is already up but I have searched and havent really found much help. I bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS a couple months ago with the stock radio, and a kit of HID headlights. The problem is that whenever I turn the HID lights on, the radio goes static. But...
  8. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    2003-2005 Euro Black Turn Signals (clear lens) I've got a set of turn signals I found from my old Eclipse so I figured I'd throw them up here for someone else to enjoy. I picked them up ~4 years ago and they have been sitting in a box since I sold the car 3 years ago. I think they were...
1-8 of 8 Results