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  1. Problem Reports
    Hi everyone! I'm coming from my 2g Talon Tsi and am still learning this new v6 engine - I just got her. She threw a p0401 on the way bringing her home; the egr itself is cleaned, and before I go and take things apart for carbon checking/cleaning further - I read the aftermarket Solenoid...
  2. Problem Reports
    Hi, I'm new to Club3G and also not too experienced with my Eclipse, or cars in general. I own the 2000 GS model, completely stock except for the exhaust system. Anyway, I've recently had this problem, it happened 2 times this week. So pretty much I've taken my car out to run some errands, I go...
  3. Problem Reports
    I have an 01 gs 5 speed and I just got into an accident and now my car wont start. You turn the key and there's nothing. Checked the starter and it was good and it push starts fine. Can someone help me.
  4. Problem Reports
    2003 GS 2.4L 108,000 miles My wife’s car has had this issue for the last couple weeks, and just recently became undriveable. -When turning the ignition key: first try – click, second try – click, third try – crank then start -Occasionally it started on the first try, but sometimes it took as...
  5. Problem Reports
    ok so my 01 gt service light popped up and i went to the dealership to get it diagnosed and found out my uncles best friend who i go snowmobiling with every year works there! lol i got a free diagnostic! lol save me 90 bucks but anywho back to the problem he said my egr solenoid is shorted...
1-5 of 5 Results