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  1. Sparco Shift Knob

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my Sparco shift knob, it basically new. $40 SOLD!
  2. Help Finding Parts.. n ideass..

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    Ive got an 01 eclipse gt tht i got when i was 16 n have had for 3 years i put it n a ditch last year n finally got everything straight n have it in the shop for finishing the body work n paint.. im getting it painted the top bmw black n having the bottom stay the stock greenish pearlish color...
  3. unknown racing seat?

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    hi everyone :wavey: I just have 1 question. Im trying to put racing seats in my car and i found a picture of this blue racing seat that i thought was pretty awesome but im not sure what brand is it or whats the name/model or who makes them or if is custom made i have no idea :dunno: so if...
  4. installing racing seats, and seat harnesses?

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    ok i looked for a thread on this but all I could find were threads talkin about the best seats. and well Im just gonna use sparco because my friends all love them. so I have the Stock 3g eclipse seats, and brackets. how hard would it be to install a sparco bracket, not a universal bracket its...