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spark plugs

  1. Im stuck! lol- Reassembly issue/Looking for schematic

    New Members Forum
    Ok so first off, I know my dilemma is something i will forever learn from as I should of labeled everything, not just the beginning. Long story short, I've recently attempted to replace my valve cover gaskets and plugs/wires for my 03 gt which all in all went smoothly. However, im now at the...
  2. Questions about my car~ NEWBIE! please help..

    New Members Forum
    Hey everyone, Just bought my 2003 eclipse GTS not too long ago... spark plugs and the wiring needs to be changed... could anyone post some links or show me how to change those? because i'm not going to pay 50-100$ to get the "professionally" done. and i'm going to put on a apexi N1 muffler...
  3. Car Idle Drops When Stopping

    Problem Reports
    Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums here on 3g for quite a while now and feel this is the best and most knowledgeable place to ask for help. I've been reading about my problem in other forums but they have not been quite the same issue. The problem is that when I brake my car idle rpm...
  4. Took of intake manifold to change spark plugs

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I took off the intake plenum to change out the spark plugs today using a guide I found on club3g. I noticed there was a bunch of grime on the inside of the plenum. What is the best way to remove deposit buildup in my engine? Seafoam? Is it simple to do and does it work? On a side note...
  5. Lots of Oil in places it shouldn't be!! help..

    Problem Reports
    Hey guys, so last month I started to get a cylinder 3 misfire code. changed the plugs, but when i changed em I noticed lots of oil on spark plugs from cylinders 1,4,3. Cylinder 3 coincidentally had so much oil when i looked at the plug it looked like oil may have been flooding the plug...
  6. Preferred plugs for Stage 1 SDS?

    Sorry in advance, I DID search for almost an hour and couldn't find any consensus... RIPP's site recommends NGK copper core plugs (particularly with the boost cooler), but I remember reading in David Vespremi's "Car Hacks and Mods for Dummies" book that copper plugs may have to be changed with...
  7. GT Turbo Troubleshooting

    Last week, Thursday the car was running fine for the day - drove it for a while, but had stalled out a couple of times. Let it sit for a bit and was able to continue. Friday, one of the hose couplings (from turbo compressor to IC piping) worked itself loose but I was able to fix that. However...
  8. spark plugs and idle AF questions

    so what is the A/F supposed to be at idle? I currently run NGK copper plugs, does anybody else use iridium plus? would I benefit from using this kind of plugs? my buddy at BAP can hook me up with them for the same price as the regular copper ones, should I use those instead since I am...
  9. Whats spark plugs

    Well after 8 hours of tuning today my plugs are pretty much fouled out so i'm asking you guys for suggestions on any plug degree or makers you think are good.