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  1. Just got my 3g last week.

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    I will be changing the tails real soon to a better set. I did the emblems myself. I put plenty of work into the looks of the car since I bought it last week and will be continuing to do so for a while.:) Everything on the car besides the exhaust system, tails, and rims, are stock...
  2. xicarusx 2003 GT

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    xicarusx's - 2003 GT v6 Sporty - Updated 4/6/2010 Will update often and add photos and more information when I make changes and more mods. <a href="[email protected]/4496686635/" title="000_0067 by carian94, on Flickr"><img...
  3. How much HP can stock sporty take?

    I just read on the RPW site that their stage 1 entry level kit is the only turbo kit offered for the sporty because the trans cannot take more power safely. My question is, What do u guys believe is the most HP we can safely run on the sporty trans? reason i'm asking is because I would like...
  4. Have a 2003 Spyder GT sporty. Can I do the Tearstone turbo?

    Ok...first off. I have a 2003 Spyder GT sporty with an invidia cat-back and AEM CAI. I already have my suspension setup (KYB-AGX, Pro-Kit, ST Rear Sway Bar, powerslot rotors, ceramic pads). I am possibly interested in the turbo that tearstone is now selling. I have some questions though...
  5. Sporttronic GT Tranny vs. Torque

    Does anyone know enough about this transmission to know how much torque you can throw at it before something goes awry in short order? The differential I can understand, it's everything else I'm a little worried about.
  6. Ripp's SDS Stage 2 and sporty transmission

    Hey guys, I have done all show mods and I'm ready to invest in big go mods. I have the greddy evo exhaust, the quaffi LSD, and RIPP headers. My question is, with a complete engine rebuild that can take me to a stage 2 SDS, and with new motor mounts, will my sporty trans hold up? Is anyone...