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  1. 03 spyder gs 5sp clutch issue

    Problem Reports
    first time posting here. i just replaced the clutch in my 03 spyder gs with a stage 2 clutch kit from competition clutch and TOB was replaced as well.I put everything back together and bleed the hydraulic system from the nipple on the slave cylinder with dot 3 brake fluid. Refilled the...
  2. What do I need for an engine swap from a GS to a GT?

    New Members Forum
    So my car is a 2005 Eclipse Spyder (Remix Edition if it makes any difference). I've been looking around as to what I can do to upgrade the performance of my car. I recently found a GT engine on craigslist off of a Spyder and I was thinking of saving up for it. Should I or is there other things I...
  3. 03 Spyder GS Factory Alloy Wheels

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have (4) 2003 Eclipse Spyder GS Factory Alloy (Chrome Finish) Wheels that I would love to sell. They are 5-Spoke 16" x 6", 5 Lug x 114.3 Bolt Pattern with just 45k Miles. I upgraded my wheels and tires last summer. (I only have rims not the tires) but I have all OE lugs as well and each wheel...
  4. Can you turbocharge a 2001 Eclipse Spyder GS?

    New Members Forum
    I want to turbocharge my 2001 Spyder GS but ive been looking online and havent found any for these type of cars with 4G64 engine. Can these cars be turbocharged?