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  1. Problem Reports
    Hello everyone! I want to first apologize if this has been answered before, i have looked on the forums for something that relates to this but some things are similar but doesn't exactly fit my problem. Without further waiting, here is my problem. I drive a 2001 eclipse gs. I got it in October...
  2. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, So when I get my eclipse up past 3500 rpms while in gear a very weird and concerning loud squeak happens. :eek: It sounds like a belt is slipping , but my mechanic says all the belts are fine. :scratch: Any ideas as to what it could be?
  3. Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 eclipse GS, auto/sport, 120k miles. Since i bought the car 2 months ago I have been hearing a squeaking noise in the front wheels. This happens when i am going low speeds (about 10mph and under). I've recently replaced the rotors as i thought it might take care of the problem...
  4. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    Hi there. I have never changed breaks before, so last night i figured id go give it a shot. I have a 2001 Spyder GS. I went to the auto parts store and bought some Wearever gold premium pads for around 32 bucks. I removed the old ones, pushed back the caliper pistions to make room for the...
  5. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, On my 2001 Eclipse GT when I turn right, or even a small as a lane change to the right, the rear driver's side suspension squeaks. It is very repetitive making me think is has something to do with the wheel, ie. wheel bearing, brake pad, rotor, etc. This has been going on for...
1-5 of 5 Results