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  1. GT wont run, but will crank.

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    For the past month my GT has been running rough (spitting, sputtering, terrible gas mileage, exhaust smell, running rich, black smoke out tailpipe). I mean it was barely getting me to work. I'd have to play with the clutch and accelerator anytime I got into traffic just to keep it from dying on...
  2. iv got 99 problems but cranking is #1

    Problem Reports
    solved! iv got 99 problems but cranking is #1 solved issue. timing belt off one tooth after inspection. corrected. waiting for update if it runs now. 2000 eclipse. gs model. when I got the car I replaced: a fuel injector egr valve vacuum solonoid...
  3. Intermittent Start Issue

    Problem Reports
    Hey peeps, So I've owned my 04 Eclipse GS for about 2 months now. I'm on a very tight budget, but I wanted a car that I could build in a style of my own. Anyways, I've been having a problem with my car starting. Sometimes I go out to start it, and occasionally I will hear the started...
  4. My car has trouble starting.

    Problem Reports
    When starting, my 3.0 liter 2000 manual transmission eclipse turns over strong. While the battery is charged the car has no problem turning over. I have to pump the gas for my car to start. When running there is no loss of performance and no hesitation. It has a clean fuel filter and band new...
  5. Car wont start

    Problem Reports
    2001 eclipse GT Heres the series of events... passenger headlight stopped working. replaced both bulbs, still not working. found out the wire that was crimped was done poorly, and came loose. I crimped one, didnt see the other that had also come apart (either when I was fixing other or same...
  6. Car starting and running problem

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2000 GS and the other day I went to start the car and it started but died right after I started the car. I tried to start it again and it revs up to 2300 and drops below 200 and then dies but the whole car shakes as it is doing it. I checked the gas and there is about a 1/4 tank. I...
  7. Struggling to stay on?

    Problem Reports
    Okay guys, i have a 2002 Eclipse GT. It has 120xxx miles on it. Problem: When i start my car(staying at idle) the engine sounds like its quitting for a second and then go back up. its like a rocking chair, it will start to go out, but then come back, then go out, then come back. It has...
  8. car wont start in gear

    Problem Reports
    i just replaced my clutch and it starts in neutral but not in gear, we think it might have to do with the TOB unless i missed something important... any ideas? thanks