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  1. Problem Reports
    I cleaned my throttle body a few days ago using throttle/air intake cleaner following the usual procedure like removing the intake hose then spraying the thrttle body while opening up the throttle and spraying inside and finally wiping it down. I let it air dry for about 30 minutes and put...
  2. Problem Reports
    I am getting a buzz/whining sound when I turn the key to start, lasts a few seconds, then the engine cranks. Its not loud, but its not quiet either. 2001 eclipse GT. Etacs is out I believe, but seems unrelated. Any ideas?
  3. Problem Reports
    2001 eclipse GT Heres the series of events... passenger headlight stopped working. replaced both bulbs, still not working. found out the wire that was crimped was done poorly, and came loose. I crimped one, didnt see the other that had also come apart (either when I was fixing other or same...
  4. Problem Reports
    i have a 00 GT with 135,000 on it and i just got it. It runs great but when i started it up after it sitting for a day the engine was kinda like vibrating for like 10 secs and then it quited down. Im thinking its just because the engine was cold and the it was valve tapping? Idk im a new...
1-4 of 5 Results