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  1. No sound from aftermarket stereo

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I have a 2003 Eclipse GT with the Infinity sound system and factory amp. I recently purchased a Kenwood KDC-BT372u radio deck and a PAC c2r-mit wiring harness with din cable adapter. Everything is wired properly to my knowledge (harness connected, rca cables plugged in, etc) and all the...
  2. Wiring Issue/Question?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    New to the forums here, also my first Eclipse (2002 GT), having some issues/questions. My Eclipse came with no stereo installed and I would love to install my aftermarket head unit. Problem is, there is only two or three wires left in the harness, it's all been cut and spliced for some custom...
  3. Cassete Player not quite working

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys, new here. Picked up a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT around two weeks ago. It had the code error but I went on the Mitsubishi website and it's working now. However, the cassete adapter I have isn't working. This thing works flawlessly in my previous car, and my mother's. I'm not familiar...
  4. No electronics work until the key is turned!

    Car Audio and Electronics
    alright so I bought my 2000 Eclipse GT about a year ago from a dealership and when I bought it none of the electronics work until I turn the key to ACC or ON, and it has been a recurring problem since then. It's not much of a big deal , just a nuisance, seeing as how I can't save presets, and I...
  5. Stereo Doesn't Turn Off

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Okay, I have had my 01 GT for a little while now, and it has a pioneer 6400BT HU in it. It has never given me a problem, except the previous owner had it set up where the rear speakers didn't output any bass frequencies, and i didn't know how to fix that, and no settings in the radio helped, so...
  6. Cassete PLayer kicks out Adapter 01 GT

    Car Audio and Electronics
    So for the last 5 years ive used cassette adapters to listen to my phone or ipod and aside from replacing the adapters, all has been fine. Just recently i replaced a dead battery and of course had to input the radio code which was no problem. but then the trouble started. whenever i insert my...
  7. Recently purchased an Eclipse and only have 3 working speakers.

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I recently purchased a 2000 Eclipse GT with the Infinity Sound System and have been doing some work on the car; just today I got the battery back in and plugged my radio code in. Only my center speaker and my tweeters are working though. I tried the radio and a CD and both played from only the...
  8. Aftermarket stereo sound issue

    New Members Forum
    I have a 2003 eclipse GTS with the stock amplifier. I'm putting in a Dual single din hu. I have the Metra 70-7003 wiring harness installed and i can get power to my hu. The problem is my hu only has a single set of RCA outputs(2 plugs). The amplifier adapter requires 4. Would i be able to...
  9. Help installing aftermarket stereo

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I'm trying to install an aftermarket HU into my 2001 gs eclipse with a stock infinity system. I have a pioneer DEH-150MP and already bought the metra 70-7003 harness. I'm not sure if I wired everything correctly because when I start it up there is no sound.
  10. Stereo Wiring

    Problem Reports
    Okay so I bought a 2001 Eclipse and the guy that owned it before me had NO CLUE what he was doing at all. I have exhausted every forum and research result (YouTube, Google, etc.) trying to find an answer so here is my question: I went to install an aftermarket head as the Four CD changer...
  11. FS: 2000 Eclipse GT misc parts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    All items are being sold as is and what you see is what you get. These prices do not include shipping. Please txt (515nine755six90) me your request and zip for shipping quote. I'm not going to take up your time bragging these up, but for the most part they are all in pretty nice shape. I'm...
  12. subwoofer wiring help

    New Members Forum
    hey, i need advice on the sub i want to purchase... Its a rockford p2 @250rmsdual coil...4ohm or 2ohm My amp is 150 at 4 ohms and 300+ at 2 ohms, So my question is how do i wire it to run 2ohms.... i've looked at ctrutchfield wiring diagrams but am still not sure So was wondering if my mono...
  13. Zakk Zyphire's 01 Ricer(Lots Of Pics)

    Members Rides
    Soo I've been on here for a while and it just occurred to me to make a "build log" of my eclipse I started working on. Ill keep it updated as often as I can and Id love to hear opinions and suggestions. Short background story: Im 19, Own 2 3g eclipses(one my project car and one my beater) I...
  14. FS: Stock Radio with 4-disc changer!!!

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey, I have this stock radio with a 4 disc changer for my 01 gt. Fits double DIN. $45 plus shipping. Local pickup is good too. I'm located in Long Island. PM me if interested. Thanks, Justin H.
  15. Aftermarket HU w/ subs and infinity system

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I have been searching for a month now (since i tried wiring in my subs with a converter and nothing happened) for a way to hook up subs to a 2001 eclipse with the infinity system, 4 disc changer, and tape player. I've tried line-out converters and i cant get any signal through them. I tapped...
  16. My stereo wont turn off!!!!!

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Ok so when i turn the ignition to the off position and pull the key out my stereo continues to run! It only does it every once in a while but as you can imagine if it happens before i go to bed my battery is dead by the time i wake up does anybody know what is wrong with my car and how to fix it?