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  1. Frame Clips, Help me please

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    *Sorry if this is already a thread i just don't know what they are so i don't know what to search for* I have a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse GS with a GT Hatch and i want to upgrade the subwoofer in the back to a dual ported box, which is just a tad bit too wide with my circumstances. These little...
  2. Custom Sub Box

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Was wondering if anyone has made/tried to make a sub box that fits up against the back seat and over that lip that sits in the back of the hatch. Maybe even fitting one into the spare tire space? ( I wanna try to keep trunk space) Looking to get some ideas of what you guys have done for subs...
  3. FS: Custom 12" Sub sealed box

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Recently had to sell my 3G unfortunately. I'm looking to sell my custom sealed sub box. It bolts directly behind the back seats to the frame underneath. It is composed of 3 parts. The box, made from contoured plexiglass and wood. Two decorative fenders covered in black leather. Last, a carpet...
  4. where to drill through firewall (pictures please).

    Audio, Video and Photography
    I recently bought an 02 eclipse gt and I am trying to install a sub and amp. Where do I need to drill a hole through the firewall to run a power wire? I have been told behind where the clutch pedal should be (manumatic) but I'm not sure exactly where. If you could provide pictures that would be...
  5. Help with subwoofer installation

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I replaced my Factory HU with Power Acoustik PD-931NB The Head Unit connects with factory amp and speakers. I don't want to disturb that setup even though it is not really the ideal setup. I am wondering if it is possible to install a subwoofer unit in the trunk that is powered by a separate...
  6. Sub box photos

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Here are the in-progress shots of the 1.5 cu ft sub box I am making for my daughter's '04. With a 10" Planet Audio driver ($60 locally, 400 RMS 800 peak dual coil) it calls for a 4" dia x 15" port, that's too big to fit, so I have a 3" x 9.3" drawn up (according to the box software). I will post...
  7. subwoofer wiring help

    New Members Forum
    hey, i need advice on the sub i want to purchase... Its a rockford p2 @250rmsdual coil...4ohm or 2ohm My amp is 150 at 4 ohms and 300+ at 2 ohms, So my question is how do i wire it to run 2ohms.... i've looked at ctrutchfield wiring diagrams but am still not sure So was wondering if my mono...
  8. Q's about 2004 stock audio

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi there! I'm new to these forums. My daughter's 2004 4 cyl (base model: no spoiler or sun roof from factory) has what speakers in it? 5.25" or 6.75" on door and rear panels? I just dropped a Sony Xplod unit in it and have some 5.25" already... just asking before I dig in and find decent...
  9. another thread about subs and amps.. help a noob!

    New Members Forum
    i need some really quick advice, i'm about to buy this and i just want some last minute clarifications. which one of these packages should i buy? dont tell me how there not good i just want to know which one would be better... running a JVC Arsenal KD-A725 deck: 2000W Kenwood Performance 10"...
  10. Help/ Suggestions on Bass and Amp

    New Members Forum
    okay so i've narrowed down my choice of a sub/amp combos from sonic electronix to 5... all of them are in my price range, just need some help deciding which ones will be the loudest and last me the longest. thanks in advance. here they are: 1...
  11. Bypass Infinity Amp and Keep Stock Speakers ?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    hey everybody i'm new to this forum and need help on somthing that may have already been answered somewhere.... i just picked up an 02' eclipse gt, came stock with an infinity HU and a joke of an amp too.... i'm really into music and plan on getting an aftermarket HU, and i already have a...
  12. Aftermarket HU w/ subs and infinity system

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I have been searching for a month now (since i tried wiring in my subs with a converter and nothing happened) for a way to hook up subs to a 2001 eclipse with the infinity system, 4 disc changer, and tape player. I've tried line-out converters and i cant get any signal through them. I tapped...
  13. Where am I safe to drill in the trunk?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I used search but couldn't find anything about drill safe space in the trunk. I'm getting a bazooka tube subwoofer in a few weeks, and it is held down by two straps that get bolted down on both ends I believe. This being my first intensive mod, where is a safe place to drill in the spyder's...
  14. Audio Suggestions

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I'm thinking about installing two 12" subs but I don't know how many watts to get for those subs I would like to get the best output possible of course at a reasonable price as well If someone has suggestions as to a whole sound system to get they are more than welcome to share Thank You

    Car Audio and Electronics
    hey, guys i havent reallly posted/ made any threads very often as you can tell but i have used this site frequently to answer all of my question and or concenrs. lol but anyways, i have an 01' gt with two MTX 8500 12 inch subwoofers in the trunk in the premade mtx box that is 2 cubic feet per...