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suck through

  1. MAF question

    So I have been reading thread after thread here, and I have a pretty basic question I think. Is the stock MAF able to be used in turbo applications for the V6? I keep looking for pics of what everyone is doing with it, but not having much luck. I am throwing around ideas in my head about what...
  2. okay need help with suck threw sds!!

    Well its been awile since i have messed around with these cars, As far a a normal sds setup, we switched a customers car to a suck threw, have not ran the bypass valve piping yet,but when the car is idling its getting way to much fuel, almost to the point of quiting. now when i scale the...
  3. warning, suck through w/o recir. is BAD!!!!

    1st off, I've had the sds setup for quite a while now. I've have minor problems, nothing major. . until now. I currently have the tuners package at 10 psi with a suck through mas non-recirculating. The only problems it would ever give me is a stutter start under low throttle. I didn't think it...
  4. BOV recerculation Q

    Ok, Im designing my own turbo kit and plan on going blow through using a GM MAF + Translator. Now I know on a suck through with our MAS you recerculate the BOV to the intake pipe before the MAS and turbo. But with the blow through do you still put it before the turbo or does it matter so long as...
  5. another suck-through SDS stage 2

    another suck-through SDS stage 2 (update) As some of you may know I decided to ditch the GB and go suck-though with the emanage. Well... right after I installed the EM and started the car, it ran horrible! really bad! at the dyno we had a really hard time just to make it idle somewhat ok.(we...