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  1. Sunroof shade cover handle replacement

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    2007 eclipse Looking for a sunroof sunshade cover handle ( preferably black ) but not necessary . Does anyone have one to sell or know where to buy one ?
  2. 2003 Eclipse GTS

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    We just bought a 2003 Eclipse GTS today and we got home realized the hatch is not latching. Has anyone else had this to happen. If so please advise us how to fix it. I have fallen in love with my car but want it to be safe. Also our sun roof will not open can it just be a fuse or something...
  3. Sunroof issue (I know... I know)

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    I know issues about the the sunroof have been posted about and posted about, and I have searched for days because I really didn't want to ask for answers to questions that have been answered. I found similar problems to mine, but just could not find an answer that works for me. When I received...
  4. so many problems with my car!

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    Hello, i new here, and this is my first post. Anyway, before i go to the problem(s), im going to give a little background on my car. i bough a 2000 gt eclipse about 10 months ago it has miles (i know, a lot). and honestly, this car is a pain in the a**. it wasn't running when i bought...
  5. Separated/detached sunroof shades

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    Hello, I have the following problem: The sunroof shades are separated from each other. If I open the sunroof the shades will go roll with it as usual. When I close the sunroof and then I try to close the shades, I pull forward from the little handle-like from the shades, only one part moves, the...
  6. Electrical Window Problem

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    Hi guys. hoping to get help with a confusing problem Ive been dealing with for a while now. I have a 2002 eclipse gs and am having problems rolling both windows down and also sunroof seemed to quit at same time but not as worried about that. Ive replaced fuses for both, the relay, tried a...
  7. Odd ball problems

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    So I'm having a few odd ball problems with my 03. When I bought the car about 2 months ago it seemed fine. No check engine light, everything electrical worked fine and engine was smooth as could be. But now I'm having some issues one after the other. Nothing serious by any means just keeps...
  8. Sun Roof Issue

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    Hey everybody! I'm new to this Club3G forum and I have an issue with my Eclipse and was wondering if anyone could help. I own an 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and it's amazing, loved it since the day I got it back in April 2012. But recently I've been having a sun roof issue. The issue is everytime...
  9. sunroof stuck open

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    2002 eclipse gt I have a major problem there is a hurricane blowing threw and my sunroof is stuck open. I've been searching for the past couple hours for a solution to this but i haven't seen any definitive answers. i did find one thread on here that had the same problem as me but i didn't see...
  10. Sunroof/ moonroof issue (cant find similar problem in other threads!)

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    simply put my sunroof works, the switch works, the motor works. it is NOT stuck nor is anything stuck in the railings. It opens and closes fine. HERE is the issue, it ONLY works AFTER i disconnect and reconnect the battery. It will continue to work while the car is on and even for about another...
  11. I'm new! 02 Eclipse GT

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    So as of recently, I'm the owner of an 02 GT. It's super dope! But it's got some problems... some I won't mention because I searched em and found em, but there's a couple- -The sunroof cover is broken. It looks like it used to be two pieces? that slid? but now they're seperated. I can slide...
  12. WTB- sunroof assembly, dashboard, 03 bumper, g35 wheels, ww lip

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    my sunroof is messing up, and maybe some of the bent rails have something to do with it, so i need the rails, motor whole deal. dashboard cause mine is cracked. 03-05 bumper, perferably red, ww front lip, g35 wheels. please let me know if you have so we can see if we can work something out...
  13. Sunroof issue, Doesnt Tilt

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    i have an 00 gt and the sunroof does stick but if you push up on the glass it opens once the gasket is pushed over the roof. but my issue is that the sunroof doesnt tilt.the tilt button works but the glass doesnt open all the way, i have to hold it back as if im opening the sunroof all the way...
  14. Sunroof problem-not a sticking problem!!

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    Well, my sunroof on my '01 GT was working a little (by little, I mean tilt up. I never did get it to go back like I've seen in some pictures) and I had the sticky problem after it would rain. THIS IS NOT A "STUCK" PROBLEM At first, everytime I would tilt it open, it worked fine (aside from the...
  15. Engine rattle left side around belts

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    Greetings Gt G3 peeps. I am currently the owner of a 2000 GT with about 100k on it. 62k when I picked her up from the auction. She had a punch in the nose but I have a body man who is pretty good. I Just replaced the plugs, wires and front valve cover gaskets. Noticed a drop of oil on...