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supplemental fuel system

  1. suplemental fuel system

    I’m running my car with stock engine and stage 1 SDS. I have the injectors that come with the sds kit but I also have the supplemental fuel system not working now. I would like to star running my car with those supplemental injectors also plus the other ones to get richer my car. I want to run...
  2. Switching from RIPPs supplemental fuel setup

    Hey everyone, so I need a little help since I'm not an expert on the inner workings of Ripps black box. A little background info- I originally had Ripps complete stage 2 setup with the supplemental fuel setup (2 RC engineering 650cc injectors) but I agree with the majority on here in saying...
  3. Ripps black box question

    Is it possible to make your supplemental fuel set up without buying ripps setup. The fuel set up that came with my sds was suppose to work with the 310cc injectors instead of SFS. Ripp wants 750 bucks for SFS and that only includes 2 injectors and a pipe that you install the injectors. Couldnt i...