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    Hey guys and girls, I know TONS of newbies ask this and I havent found any that get a straight answer. I have done HOURS of research so I am not blindly asking questions. Guys who just want to flame me feel free but keep it to a minimum and please give some helpful advice with it. Let this...
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    Ok, I don't mean to beat a dead horse. I've done a search for Turbo kits. and found 1. which is $4,799. Just curious if that is like the only one, or if there are any around $2,500. or if I should wake up and face reality?
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    ok so i finally decided on most of what i am doing in the next few months. Set up a thing with a guy at a nice local porformance shop to do all my work for CHEAP. heres the list Ripp Stage II SDS Ripp Headers Ripp Front Engine Mount (to handle it all) Ripp Overdrive Aluminum Crank Pulley Ripp...
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    Dear Members, I am planning on setting up my car for a Ripp supercharger system, my question what is a general list of mods before installing a Ripp Supercharger. Right now I am planning on putting in a new clutch SPEC Stage 3, hardened bolts, Prothane motor mounts, and lightened stock...