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  1. Problem Reports
    I was looking around the boards (and other places) trying to figure out why my heater wasn't working. The most likely culprit seemed to be that I needed a radiator flush - or at least that seemed like the easiest thing to do. So I did that. I emptied the system and ran about 2 gallons of...
  2. New Members Forum
    Hey guys, this is my first time posting on thi site, but I really need some help. I was driving the other day when I noticed my car over heating followed by a horrible grinding sound coming from my engine bay. Shortly after my car completely overheated and died, so I popped the good to see what...
  3. Problem Reports
    2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse (2.4L 4cyl) Automatic transmission. 116,000 miles. Not losing any coolant. No moisture on the carpet or interior. Before this, daughter mentioned heater had been taking longer then normal to warm up. Parts replaced: New Radiator New Thermostat New Radiator Cap New...
  4. Problem Reports
    I have a 2001 Eclipse GT 3.0, 5 speed. Overheats, but usually only if its moving. Won't overheat idling usually. NEW thermostat, radiator and hoses. I have next to no heat, runs at a normal temp for about 15 minutes of driving AFTER its already at operating temp. If I start it cold, and...
  5. Problem Reports
    So it's been in the single digits temperaturewise and i have noticed a very annoying problem. I get cold air blowing out of my vents even with the heat turned up all the way. After the car warms up I can get heat when I hold it steady at about 1500-2000 rpm. I checked my coolant level and...
  6. GT/GTS
    i'm going to be removing my thermostat housing to change it for the sds system. I was thinking of changing the thermostat to a lower temp one. good or bad idea?
  7. GT/GTS
    Just started today at lunch... Everything looks good. AF, Temp, EGT, Voltage and no loss of power. Gonna resarch this when I get home but I thought someone here may know the answer I seek... :-) Trouble code and Pending.... 125 insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop fuel control.
1-7 of 9 Results