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  1. New Members Forum
    Hello everyone. New member here. I came across this site when researching how to replace the clutch on my 2003 GTS. While the site has been incredibly helpful and detailed I have come across an issue I am unable to find a solution to. I read the clutch replacement guide as well as watched...
  2. Problem Reports
    So I'm having a few odd ball problems with my 03. When I bought the car about 2 months ago it seemed fine. No check engine light, everything electrical worked fine and engine was smooth as could be. But now I'm having some issues one after the other. Nothing serious by any means just keeps...
  3. Problem Reports
    I honestly haven't searched a lot since before starting my clutch replacement but I need back on the road asap. This has been by far the most nightmarish project in memory. This fucking car has fought me every step of the way! So, its an 03 GTS, I am about done with the installation, and the...
1-3 of 3 Results