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  1. Problem Reports
    i read the other threads on this but just doesnt seem right to me, i have a loud tick, that doesnt go away when warmed up, (but will randomly go away at times for 30 seconds or so, and will start again) not very often though. and increases in speed the higher my rpm, (obviously) im going to try...
  2. Problem Reports
    hey guys, i searched around but didnt find any real answers... i have a 03 GTS 3.0 spyder... i had the timing belt changed about a month ago. used rock auto parts new waterpump and tensioner as well... last night i started my car and the rpms dropped to 4 or 500 and the check engine through a...
  3. Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2001 SUBMODEL: Stock GT Spyder TRANSMISSION: Manual MILES: 172000 PROBLEM: Last Friday I started the car in the evening and started hearing a very loud tick that matches RPMs coming from what sounds like under the intake manifold. Sounds like a diesel engine. About 3-5 times louder than...
1-3 of 3 Results