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timing belt replacement
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    I have a 03 2.4 and just changed the timing belts and water pump now there is what sounds like a really fast lifer tick coming from under the valve cover I wanna say more to the passenger side everything was done correctly when put back in time and shows it is still is in time it runs perfect I...
  2. Problem Reports
    Hey ya, RE:2005 Eclipse GS Spyder.... I had my timing belt done 7k miles ago and about 3 years. Now, there is a loud clunking. It sounded at first like it was under the intake. BAD SIGN. I was so determined it was a rod knock, I started looking for new cars. So, I went back and looked...
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    Let me start by saying I've searched to the best of my ability, but if the answer to my question already lies in the forum, please link me to it. Back in October my timing belt got stretched out too much. (3.0L) I went ahead and had my timing belt, water pump, cam seal and distributor replaced...
1-3 of 3 Results