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  1. 6G72 jumped timing while driving; Rebuild Heads or Replace Motor?

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    I have a 2001 GT, 5MT, with approx. 127,000 miles on it. A few days ago, I was making a left turn through a light, in 3rd gear decelerating at 3500-4k RPM. As I finished the turn (spinning at about 2k RPM now) the motor starts intermittently sputtering, couldn't really accelerate much, felt...
  2. replaced the timing belt, now I have a horrible clatter.

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    ok, I just replaced my timing belt, tensioner, pump, etc. got it all put together, it started beautifully, now I've got a horrible clatter. it goes away at about 1500 rpm. I ran it for 2 or 3 minutes, but got worried, so I shut it down. I did some searching here, I found a few references, but no...
  3. Please HELP!! loud tick/knock from front of motor?

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    hey guys, i searched around but didnt find any real answers... i have a 03 GTS 3.0 spyder... i had the timing belt changed about a month ago. used rock auto parts new waterpump and tensioner as well... last night i started my car and the rpms dropped to 4 or 500 and the check engine through a...

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    Ok, here is the story on this car. The girl across the road never bothered to check the oil and blew the engine. I bought it and put in a good used engine. I changed the water pump and timing belt and all the gaskets, fuel rail, plugs, wires, etc. The timing marks all line up, the engine turns...
  5. Spyder Vibrates

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    So I have an 03 Spyder Eclipse GS and when the car is sitting at Idle the car is fine. It sits between 600 rpms and 800 rpms. When I put it in drive and I am holding the brake it is fine but when I press the gas it shakes bad!!! I can go 5 mph or 25mph it shakes the same. But when I stop it...
  6. timing off by a tooth

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    Hi, I just change my timing belt on my 2000 eclipse gt V6, but my timing is off by 1-2 tooth. As a result I am getting 2 codes. They are for the position sensor of the two cam gears. Before i went ahead to reinstall the timing belt, does anybody know exactly how many teeth of the timing belt...
  7. How do I re align the timing?

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    So I bought a 2000 gs 2.4 and it ran great. Next day I went for a short drive, about 4 miles, and it overheated. I started with the thermostat, but it still overheated. Then while I was removing the crankshaft pulley to get to the water pump, I heard a popping sound and I felt the wrench move...
  8. How far can I push my timing belt?

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    YES, I know this is a HORRIBLE thing to do and as a car owner, I should be SHOT for doing it, but right now I just can't afford a $350 maintenance bill. Year: 2003 Model line: GS Trans: Automatic-Sportronic crap Miles: 130,350 I bought it with 125,000 miles on it, and the lady that owned it...
  9. Ignition Timing

    I am planning on putting in forged pistons and rods to put the boost up. I was wondering if i need to retard the timing. Would i need a new ignition? GT35R BB turbo
  10. Fpr and FMU, then timing

    I got my vortech 12:1 FMU in last night wiht the stock FPR (instead of the SFMU i was running) and basic datalogging on narrow band tells me with 275 cc injectors @ 5.8 psi i am running pig rich, as in off the chart too low to give a number other than 10.0. I am going to wide band and data log...