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    New Pics! Snow boarding By the work pickup By my Dad's Stingray SPECS- -2003 Titanium Pearl Mitsubishi Eclipse gts -manual transmission -purchased in summer of 09 -MODIFICATIONS- EXTERIOR- -CCFL Sonars with HID kit 8k -00-02 front bumper converion -18" RUFF...
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    Ive been here for a while since i bought the car and i just search the forum learning tons. Its about time to start dropping some cash on my car. so heres some stock pic that i have laying around. Ive been inspired by Treehead to start some work soon:eek3:
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    This is my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS. I joined this club only a few months ago but in those few months i've learned a lot about our 3G's and I'm still learning. I'm 17 and plan to do some basic performance modifications and some visual upgrades:lol:. I love my 3G! And all the torque it has so...
1-3 of 3 Results