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  1. 2000 Eclipse Manual Tranny Leak

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    So I've recently upgraded from my Ford Escort to my 2000 Eclipse RS Manual 2.4 SOHC. I love it! I put new struts, sway bar links, tie rod ends, and some tires and it drives great. Unfortunately now i'm leaking fluid from inside my bellhousing. I have some mechanic experience so i'm gonna fix it...
  2. 2000 eclipse gt shifting issue AT

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2000 eclipse gt auto transmission and 140000 miles. The problem I'm having is that the rpms would spike to +1000rpm while shifting but only if i touch the gas even marginally around the shift point in all gears. I noticed that the tranny fluid is off red slightly brown and should have...
  3. Is the Clutch Soft? or Gear Box Stuck? Hard Shift

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Sup everyone, yea i know first post so bear with me. i just got a 2001 Eclipse GT (Silver/Black) everything stills stock (Except the tints) I noticed that when i drive it during the afternoon it seems fine but in the morning around 8am when i start the car and go to back out i can't get the...
  4. Quick gear oil question

    Im mid LSD install and need to know what the correct transmission fluid is. I have BG syncro shift, that im going to put in in about 50-100 miles. My stock diff exploded and got fragments everywhere. I cleaned out out pretty good, but i want soem cheaper gear oil that i can use as a "pre rinse"...