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  1. Turbo Install and Tune in Milwaukee Area

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys, I am thinking about doing the EVO8 header swap with turbo on the '03 Eclipse GS. I'm just wondering if there is anyone around the Milwaukee area to help/do the tuning afterwards? And also possibly help out with the swap itself if I get stuck. I hope this is an appropriate place to ask...
  2. Looking for someone in MA to tune my NA

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I have a 2001 2.4 RS that I'm looking to get tuned before the middle of October. I will pay $300 to whoever can tune my ECU to get at least a 10 BHP increase. Whoever decides they would like to do the job, I will request them to private message me or some shit there phone number so we can...
  3. Hi all, My Plans

    New Members Forum
    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster, just thought you would like to know my plans of a cheap diy thread I want to do. I am going to be looking into the cheapest, best way (cheap comes first) of tuning a 3G with the vag-com cable and a lesser known wideband controller, with a simulated...
  4. WTB: EvoScan 1.3U Universal USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I want to get the e-mail tune from tx4codeman and I need the cable. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks!
  5. What does it mean to Tune?

    New Members Forum
    I was looking at some threads and i just know you can changed air/fuel ratio and whatnot. I got a intake, a header and im getting a custom made full exhaust, hopefully evo head in the summer, but what does it mean to tune your car? where do you go to get this done? can a friend of mine that...
  6. how do i tune my stock ecu of a 2001 eclipse rs

    New Members Forum
    new to the site. seems legit and most questions i have researched have been answered. I do although have a few questions about the ecu of my 2001 eclipse rs. ive been reading up on the tuning for the ecu's and what not but no where did i find out if they were talking about the stock ecu or an...
  7. ecu tune

    looking to get my 01 gt stock ecu tuned. i live in modesto,do any of you know how to tune it or know any shops within a couple hour drive? i was going to buy an apexi neo but after reading many threads i want to tune the ecu instead. thanks
  8. suspension tune in New england??

    Im going to be throwing new wheels on my car this spring and still have yet to get my JIC coilovers tuned right. They feel fine obviously, but I know that with a professional tune it will sit and ride like never before, which brings me to my question. Where could I get coilovers tuned? I live in...