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  1. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Does anyone have recomendations/sites for performance ecus i need to pick up one before i install my turbo kit but cant find a single one
  2. Engine Management Tuning
    Hey guys, got a boosted gt with an extensive list of modifications. Currently it still uses a Greddy Emanage Blue for tuning... I know it's a bit outdated but I have to deal with this for the moment. Anyways, anyone still have any sort of basemaps for a turbo v6? Doesn't matter what sort of...
  3. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, I'm kind of in a rut here and need some help fast! I have a 2004 eclipse GTS Spyder, I just brought it to Conway Motors in Everett, WA to install header back exhaust and Cold Air Intake. The problem is that it will most likely run like crap after I do this install, but i thought ahead...
  4. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    I am looking to purchase a evo 8 ECU Anyone?
  5. Engine Management Tuning
    Have anyone has remove the parameters from the ECU. OK.. to be more specific I am using Evoscan to log my rides. the maximum amount of load that reads its 103. I need to expand this for a better tunnig .
  6. New Member Introductions
    Ok. So first off Hi. I have been strolled these forums forever but now finally have the resources to do what I need. Honestly I brought this car used as i wanted something to put a little elbow grease into and come out with a nnice driving car that has the power if I want it So lets begin... I...
  7. RS/GS
    As I showed in the "check in" thread, here's a pic of my engine bay. I've since moved the support bracket for the intercooler to the head light frame, and trimmed the radiator fan shroud for clearance concerns. I wanted to go air to water to keep the car sneaky. I live in CA and emissions is...
  8. GT/GTS
    ok so i just installed my turbo system. im trying to be as legit as possible and trouble shoot all things one at a time. sooo, one of the many that catch my attention is, i checked my oil and it is black and smells like gasoline. it also is runny. there is no gunk nor is any discoloration. idk...
  9. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    As of August 2020, I am still offering these services. Please PM me here on the board. I will need a full mod list. The end user must have already acquired a Tactrix cable with Mitsu reflash adapter, and both Ecuflash/Evoscan programs on a laptop. The vehicle must have zero mechanical issues...
  10. Show and Shine
    hi i just got my second 3g and im planning on putting lots of work into this one but i dont want to make any costly mistakes i plan to do engine work as well as body so my question is which to do first im going to be putting on a body kit but im also going to be adding a turbo if i do...
  11. GT/GTS
    I just bought a 02 ecilpse with a RIPP vortec supercharger pre-installed. The car doesn't idle well and there's a smell of gasoline in the car etc...I talked to ross at RIPP and he recommended that I buy the following components to upgarde me to their newer system. 1. RIPP BRAT Box OBD2 Code...
  12. GT/GTS
    i have a safc 2 installed and im wondering what settings are good for it-- now i have the fuel pump installed -- the 310 injectors-- and the fuel pressure regulator-- sitting at idle i sometimes run too lean-- im wondering what the hi and lo throttle seetings should be to run good
  13. GT/GTS
    Hey I was just wondering once the turbo has been tuned at a certain PSI of boost(like 5psi) can I adjust the wastegate to up the boost to like 6 or 7psi with out it needing tobe retuned? I currently have the DDP turbo kit.
  14. GT/GTS
    I have been fairly successful at using ECUflash to adjust the high-octane AFR map on my NA GT. I am setting it to get a flat AFR curve of 12.5 from about 3000RPM up. First, does anything have a better idea or think this can be improved? Second, my question about the fine tuning. I have ~12.5...
  15. GT/GTS
    Ok so i've done a whole bunch of reading, and it seems like my GTS is in bad form to be supercharged, i wanna go with the stage 2 and 3 SDS from RIPP, the performance shop I know says once all the internals are built up my engine should have no problem receiving the power and the PSI's, but ive...
  16. GT/GTS
    Anyone running the RIPP box with cable & software? Post your tunes up in this thread if you couldto help out the rest. Include: Car Injector Size/Setup Fuel Pressure Boost
1-17 of 35 Results