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  1. Anyone still have any basemaps?

    Engine Management Tuning
    Hey guys, got a boosted gt with an extensive list of modifications. Currently it still uses a Greddy Emanage Blue for tuning... I know it's a bit outdated but I have to deal with this for the moment. Anyways, anyone still have any sort of basemaps for a turbo v6? Doesn't matter what sort of...
  2. 04 Mitsu Tuning Help?

    Problem Reports
    Hey guys, I'm kind of in a rut here and need some help fast! I have a 2004 eclipse GTS Spyder, I just brought it to Conway Motors in Everett, WA to install header back exhaust and Cold Air Intake. The problem is that it will most likely run like crap after I do this install, but i thought ahead...
  3. I need a EVO 8 ECU

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking to purchase a evo 8 ECU Anyone?
  4. Tuning:expanding LOAD parameters help

    Engine Management Tuning
    Have anyone has remove the parameters from the ECU. OK.. to be more specific I am using Evoscan to log my rides. the maximum amount of load that reads its 103. I need to expand this for a better tunnig .
  5. New 01 stratus R/T need some advice

    New Members Forum
    Ok. So first off Hi. I have been strolled these forums forever but now finally have the resources to do what I need. Honestly I brought this car used as i wanted something to put a little elbow grease into and come out with a nnice driving car that has the power if I want it So lets begin... I...
  6. FS: Apexi S-AFC2 + Stand

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
  7. DuctTapeProdigy's Turbo Build

    As I showed in the "check in" thread, here's a pic of my engine bay. I've since moved the support bracket for the intercooler to the head light frame, and trimmed the radiator fan shroud for clearance concerns. I wanted to go air to water to keep the car sneaky. I live in CA and emissions is...
  8. need help

    ok so i just installed my turbo system. im trying to be as legit as possible and trouble shoot all things one at a time. sooo, one of the many that catch my attention is, i checked my oil and it is black and smells like gasoline. it also is runny. there is no gunk nor is any discoloration. idk...
  9. 3.0L, 3.5L, & 3.8L E-Mail Tunes Available

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    As of August 2020, I am still offering these services. Please PM me here on the board. I will need a full mod list. The end user must have already acquired a Tactrix cable with Mitsu reflash adapter, and both Ecuflash/Evoscan programs on a laptop. The vehicle must have zero mechanical issues...
  10. engine or body which comes first??

    Show and Shine
    hi i just got my second 3g and im planning on putting lots of work into this one but i dont want to make any costly mistakes i plan to do engine work as well as body so my question is which to do first im going to be putting on a body kit but im also going to be adding a turbo if i do...
  11. 02 Eclipse RIPP Supercharger Upgrade

    I just bought a 02 ecilpse with a RIPP vortec supercharger pre-installed. The car doesn't idle well and there's a smell of gasoline in the car etc...I talked to ross at RIPP and he recommended that I buy the following components to upgarde me to their newer system. 1. RIPP BRAT Box OBD2 Code...
  12. safc 2

    i have a safc 2 installed and im wondering what settings are good for it-- now i have the fuel pump installed -- the 310 injectors-- and the fuel pressure regulator-- sitting at idle i sometimes run too lean-- im wondering what the hi and lo throttle seetings should be to run good
  13. Upping the Boost?????

    Hey I was just wondering once the turbo has been tuned at a certain PSI of boost(like 5psi) can I adjust the wastegate to up the boost to like 6 or 7psi with out it needing tobe retuned? I currently have the DDP turbo kit.
  14. ECUFlash and AFR fine tuning

    I have been fairly successful at using ECUflash to adjust the high-octane AFR map on my NA GT. I am setting it to get a flat AFR curve of 12.5 from about 3000RPM up. First, does anything have a better idea or think this can be improved? Second, my question about the fine tuning. I have ~12.5...
  15. Fears of blowing the engine

    Ok so i've done a whole bunch of reading, and it seems like my GTS is in bad form to be supercharged, i wanna go with the stage 2 and 3 SDS from RIPP, the performance shop I know says once all the internals are built up my engine should have no problem receiving the power and the PSI's, but ive...
  16. RIPP Box tunes

    Anyone running the RIPP box with cable & software? Post your tunes up in this thread if you couldto help out the rest. Include: Car Injector Size/Setup Fuel Pressure Boost
  17. Dyno tune or street tuning

    Ok guys im at the point where i need to get my car tuned properly. Right now the car is running rich at idle, cruise and lean at WOT. As many of you know I have the tearstone turbo kit installed on my GTS spyder. i recently just got my engines pistons changed with some 8.8.1 cp pistons. Im...
  18. tearstone bov question

    hey, sorry if this question was answear befor but i honestly spend days now serching and reading (not a bad thing i actuly learned alot of good stuff) but anyways... to keep things short, i was wondering if it would be pissoble to vent out the bov so you can hear it, w/ out running into idel or...
  19. turbo kit help

    Hey all. So I'm planning on buying another members partial turbo kit. Here is what he said it will come with. "its going to come with an aem wideband o2 guage brand new a t3 t4 turbo which is also new. new fuel pressure regulator, new zex spark plugs, new triple gauge pod, oil pan with all the...
  20. Emanage Question YAY

    I was going to a reputable shop around my area named Tuning Factory. I was looking to purchase Emanage from them because I think that I will be going boost maybe in a year. He asks what kind of car I have and I told him an 03 Eclipse and he starts saying ehh and umm, and asks me what mods I...