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turbo build


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    I have a 3G Eclipse GT auto, it sucks its auto but its just a little project car...anyways, I have read before that boosting the eclipse gt is about the best way to pull its potential of power out, but I'm not looking for some crazy horse power. The car is gutted to the chassis and I plan on...
  2. Turbo stock 01 Eclipse

    Hello, i really want to turbo my eclipse it pretty much stock i have a flowmaster exhaust system a cold air intake and a stage 2 clutch. I am looking around i would like as much advice as possible things that range from where i can i get the turbo manifold? to what turbo would be best. i'm not...
  3. Turbo gt

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I have a 2001 eclipse gt i want to turbo it. i know there is some stuff i need to change but what all do i need to change. All the advice is welcome. Everything on the car is stock i have a stage 2 clutch and a cold air intake. with a flowmaster exhaust system.
  4. Oil Cooled turbo

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I am planning on turboing V6 2001 eclipse Gt the turbo i am looking at says that it is oil cooled what parts do i need? i wanna have all the parts together before i start to change anything. I know im gonna have to change my pistons to better handle the boost since the stock one suck. any advice...
  5. 3g v6 turbo

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    need to find the right kind of turbo . or turbo kit for the eclipse v6. 3.0l any help would be great.:yesway:
  6. My project car

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    Okay, so first of all I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse 03 GS, and I honestly love everything about this car. But, I'm always getting dogged on because its not quick, at all. I've gotten told I should sale it and buy something that's quicker. There's something about that car that I cant just sale it...
  7. Oil feed for t3/t4 turbo?

    I have been trying to find out where is the best place to run my oil feed line to my t3/t4 journal bearing turbo. I have read people say to run it from oil filter housing, head, and also ive read to run it through a T-fitting from the stock oil pressure sensor. The sensor is at the back of the...
  8. FS: Two Hyundai DOHC Heads

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    *PRICE DROP* The Sonata head is in great overall shape, no burned/bent valves and cams looked good.. Just needs a good cleaning inside and out. Motor had about 62,3xx miles on it if I remember correctly. Price is $125 Shipped OBO Santa Fe Head SOLD I'm 99% sure I have another head coming in...
  9. A very slow turbo build!

    Well after months of lurking this forum (as well as my father) i've decided to start my build thread. Please bare with me as this build will be slow due to the fact that im only 16, still in highschool, and workpart time at a grocery store.:facepalm: Anyways, ive aquired parts from working two...
  10. Galant turbo project HELP!

    Hey guys I need some help I am going to turbo my 2.4l auto galant and I need some help or opinions. I also want to leave it an automatic. also want to run it on 93 and e85. this is what I will be running an evo 8 16g and what I am trying to figure out is what to do about fuel management. I was...
  11. Official Evo Swap Project Thread

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hey everyone! I have been a member on here for a few years but haven't posted in A LONG TIME due to selling my car about 2 years ago. When I was a new member we were all eagerly watching two other member's progress on the evo head/turbo swaps and now I see that the idea has spread to a...
  12. Tuned turbo @ 7.5psi

    Hello everyone. I just got my car tuned at Titan Motorsports here in Orlando. 274 whp, 268 tq @ about .5 bar. I'm a little disappointed because my fuel system is supposedly maxed out, and I was looking for 12psi (.8 bar) tonight :( I have 370 RC injectors, a Walbro fuel pump, and Vortech 12:1...
  13. ???? about turbo v6

    i have heard that if you turbo the 3.0 v6,that at 5psi the pistons will crack and then i have heard that others have been running 8 to 10 pounds safely..i would just like to know cause i do not want to build the whole motor if all i want is between 8 to 10 pounds..thanks
  14. Ryu's Engine Saga

    Thats right fellas the black beast is back on the road :hspin: In the process of street tuning and breaking in the fully built engine. Cant wait till im done breaking her in and get to see just what these badass throaty sounding RPW cams do on the dyno. :woot:
  15. PROJECT: Budget Boost Begins

    UPDATE: Bad news of sorts, it's going down the drain, sellin everything we bought.. As a matter of fact, I'm parting out my entire turbo setup on my prelude as well. We have our future in mind, and other cars (Evo), so we changed our path.. -Used AiResearch/Garrett T04E -Brand new 1g DSM...
  16. KillerEclipse's Turbo Install Thread

    I found a VRx at the local junkyard and i want to take the uperintake manifold off it. Im going to go tommorrow and get it off, but i as wondering if there is anyhting else that i need to take with it in order for it to work? Do i need any plugs, mounts, or harnesses, and is there anything...
  17. New lineup for my 03 GT :)

    last month i had a thread to ask a little about nitrous and other parts and ive finally made all my orders out for parts, and they're almost all here and ready to be installed ASAP. here is the new list in addition to my already installed: V2 cai and custom catback. TO BE INSTALLED -RPW 3-1...
  18. Got My Car back!!

    WoOT! i got my beast back! its freakin amazing. i cant boost right now because of the pistons though! i need to put about 1000 miles on it first ta break it in. once i do that though well be able to throw it on the dyno and get some numbers! so stay tuned and well be able ta see if...
  19. Tuned at 8psi yesterday

    295whp and 319ft/lbs at 8psi At first, we had my car on the dyno for 2 hours with zero success. Every change we made through the Emanage resulted in nothing. Eventually we just gave up, thinking the injectors we maxxed out. Russ got on the phone with Donny and he told us to check and see if...
  20. Single Turbo Kit= Good Power

    We have completed our single turbo kit. We are very happy with the output. We yielded 245hp and 245tq on our sporty tester at a very conservative 5psi of boost. The best part is the 242tq at only 4k. The car pulls great and has the power it lacked greatly before. The kit is as follows: GT30/35R...