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  1. Need answers on a build

    Hi I’m kinda new to the eclipse I have taken an engine down and fixed one I’m on my second third gen and really wanna put some power in it I know that my plan is to turbo my car it is a 2.4 liter 4g64 my plan is to buy a new block and build a new engine my main questions are what parts should I...
  2. 6g72 twin turbo

    New Members Forum
    i was wondering if you could swap a vr-4 engine in a 3rd gen eclipse gt?
  3. Turbo Project... Working out the bugs.

    So after months of reading and researching, I finally ordered a turbo kit--well part of one. :ndance: I had to do all custom piping, including a custom front exhaust manifold. Now I am trying to work out the bugs.. Like the MAF sensor and fueling. I have had to unplug the MAF for awhile (runs...