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turbo size

  1. Suggestions for Turbo

    What model turbo (size, etc) do you guys think would be ideal for a custom turbo kit. T3/T4, T4.... I know that ball bearing turbos spool up faster but would that be a positive thing with the FWD traction issues and the motor's low end output? Basically, does anybody have suggestions based on...
  2. 1.8 T turbo in my Eclipse?

    Hey Yall, A friend of mine just totalled her Jetta 1.8T and is willing to sell me her turbo. I was wondering if a turbo from a 1.8t would fit in my 2002 GT. I really have no idea how the mechanics of this kind of thing works but I do know I want a turbo lol. So is there any way I could make it...
  3. turbo suggestion

    okay so i've searched the site for help with my problem and i need some answers and some guidence in what to do, so here go's. I have a big 16g turbo with an evo fmic, vr4 fuel pump and planning on getting a fuel pump and ems, now my question is i have a 01 gt sporty with intake and exhaust...
  4. Which is biggerr?

    Ok I will be getting a deal on my turbo kit have to get a few more things but not much.But which is bigger and better.A straight T3 or a Straight T4?