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  1. FS: turbo's , turbo parts, DOHC parts plus MORE STUFF!

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Most of the stuff is used. Prices do not include Shipping. PM for shipping details. Prices are OF COURSE negotiable! I live in Miami, Fl. Let me know if you would like to meet up! Have a great day guys!! Valve Cover for DOHC SWAP $45.00 BRAND NEW! Cast Iron Manifold for 16g turbo DSM style...
  2. Best place to find turbo kits for the 3.0 gt ?

    The Lounge
    Where is the best place to get or order turbos for the eclipse... i have a 2000 3.0 gt and live in oregon... trying to find one that is decently priced? anyone install one in there eclipse if so how hard was it or how much did you have to mod to get it to all fit
  3. All Good Things....

    GT/GTS know the rest. :mecry2: Folks, it's been months since I've been on the board, I actually feel kinda bad about that. 5-6 years ago I was pretty active, and I enjoyed the many technical and even the not so technical discussions that I've had here. For those that weren't here back then...
  4. 2003 eclipse 510WHP

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    2003 mitsubishi eclipse, original 60k miles Fully built 4G64 Race block 40,over wiseco pistons Manley turbo tuff rods ACL rod bearings Fully built EVO 8 headgames cylinder head 1mm Oversized ferrea Valves Port & polish 4mm Angle job HKS 280 camshafts Fidanza Cam gears TURBO gt35r garret...
  5. 14b Turbo - 1G 2G Eclipse/Talon - $100

    South Central
    Wow, i hate this website... Post on this thread if you're a douche bag!!!
  6. FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 stock turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 Evo 8 turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger Here are some parts that I have for sell. Im open to any offers.I would be willing to trade the cams for newer GSC S2's or shoot me an offer if you have some other cams that you are willing trade just let me...
  7. A very slow turbo build!

    Well after months of lurking this forum (as well as my father) i've decided to start my build thread. Please bare with me as this build will be slow due to the fact that im only 16, still in highschool, and workpart time at a grocery store.:facepalm: Anyways, ive aquired parts from working two...
  8. Voodoo's Build

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon: She's rusty as hell, but for $375, I couldn't go wrong. Not to mention I'll make some of the money back with the misc parts/metal I can sell. I just hope the axles aren't fused to the hubs :lol: Goals for the project: streetable, "reliable"...
  9. Sorry Zee :( New stock block/head record

    Drag Racing Tech
    12.56 @ 111
  10. FI: SuckthroughMAF, temp question/thought

    I was reading and thinking about the suckthrough setup (my current setup); and I have been wondering about the IAT sensor. It is in the MAF right? Well, if it is, then the Intake temp is going to be vastly different in the MAF (pre-turbo) than the actual intake temp (at the manifold) <+-100...
  11. Fuel Injector Upgrade

    Can/would someone please lead me to a good chart of vehicle models with injector sizes? I found one that said 89-98 DSMs (talon/eclipse) had 450cc injectors, but is that all talons/eclipses from 89-98, or certain models. I am planning to hit up Pull-a-Part soon and don't want to grab the...

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: EVO 8 TURBO PARTs HEY GUYS IM GETTING THE LINK FOR THE PICTURES RIGHT NOW!!!! ALL PARTS HAVE LESS 20,000MI ON THEM MINUS THE INTERCOOLER n CMF SP ITS BRAND NEW! Im selling this because i no longer have my 05 gs :mecry2: i now have a 03 gts sypder:wavey: . only fits the 4 banger eclipse...
  13. Engine suggestions

    Eclipse Performance
    So I picked up a 96 GS for $500, that has "some" engine mods. Nothing major by the look of it. My first complaint is no AWD, second is no turbo. I've never done a swap or an install like this before so I need help from you experienced tuners. The engine and tranny will be coming out by the...
  14. Lonley in Missouri,specific turbo question

    New Members Forum
    So im from Missouri and so far i havent seen a single member with me, I need some friends, if your from missouri or like missouri or just wanna support a random guy join my group, also come by the site and leave some feedback on the car, no i dont have much performance done but im building a...
  15. Turbo Project... Working out the bugs.

    So after months of reading and researching, I finally ordered a turbo kit--well part of one. :ndance: I had to do all custom piping, including a custom front exhaust manifold. Now I am trying to work out the bugs.. Like the MAF sensor and fueling. I have had to unplug the MAF for awhile (runs...
  16. Experienced turbo installers

    New Members Forum
    Hi im andy im almost done saving money for all stuff i need to turbo my car and pay for installation. I dont doubt i would be able to do it myself with enough time and research but thats the thing i dont have the time and really dont wanna get into it. Im looking for someone to install a turbo...
  17. Voodoo's 2003 GS Turbo

    Members Rides
    I'll do my best to keep this first post up-to-date with the latest and greatest. My POS :p: Current Mods Turbo Kit Precision SC-6152E T3/T4 Turbocharger, 56 Trim Custom JHRacing 321 Stainless Steel Equal-Length Turbo Manifold HKS Super-Sequential (SSQV) Blow-Off Valve TiAL 38mm Wastegate 3"...
  18. FS: intercooler, Couplers, t_bolts, boost gauge + more

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    i have for sale actron OBD-II scanner and code eraser 55shipped used 3inch Maf adaptor 15shipped new 2inch samco blue couplers 4ply 10each i have 3 of them new 3inch samco blue couplers 4ply 10each i also have 3 of them new 3.0 inch R1 racing aluminum 3 band t-bolt coupler 10each i have 2 of...
  19. Eclipse GTS Supercharging Capabilities

    Ok so this was probably already discussed somewhere, but i couldnt find it.. so im creating a new thread about supercharging my 03 eclipse gts! So i really want the ripp supercharger kit for my car, but ive heard that the GTS model of the 3g eclipse could not handle all the boost because of the...
  20. 03 eclipse gt supercharged for sale 9.5kobo

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    2003 eclipse gt 83k miles, ac,cruise,sunroof,ps stage 1 ripp supercharger kit, black box, brat box, ngk spark plugs and wires, megan headers, hks exhaust, tein s-tech springs, 18 in tenzo r type m rims, stop tech drilled slotted rims, stage 2 competition(brand) clutch, ralzo ss, seibon cf hood...