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  1. Supercharged 74 Build

    Here we go. This project has long been going and its time to make my thread. Its a full 6g74 swap into my 00 GT and the SDS supercharger (stage 2 pulley) on forged pistons and supporting mods. The 74 has been completely torn down and I am currently going through all the parts I will be using on...
  2. too late?

    I have a gs 2000 with 136 000 miles, the comnpresison and everything is good, but i dont know and i cant find if it to late to turbo it because of the many miles it has right now
  3. fun custom intake idea

    right now got a short ram AEM cold air intake. a while back i cut the louvers underneath the turn signals out. plan on boxing that off on both sides and sending the pipes to the filter and boxing the filter in. potentially, this could create unlimited boost gains, considering that by doing so...
  4. turbo 4g64 of motor swap for evo 8 head or the whole engine

    Good Guys/ Bad Guys
    im new to this i have a 03 gs wit a 4g64 im looking to go faster lets jst face it stock its not that fast i have a cai an i was wondering wat should i try to do should i try an piece 2gether a turbo kit for da gs or swap an evo 8 head onto it or the whole engine into the car an feel free for any...
  5. FS: Lots of Stock, Aftermarket Parts and more

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    New Thread for left items
  6. engine or body which comes first??

    Show and Shine
    hi i just got my second 3g and im planning on putting lots of work into this one but i dont want to make any costly mistakes i plan to do engine work as well as body so my question is which to do first im going to be putting on a body kit but im also going to be adding a turbo if i do...
  7. 95AWDGSX eclipse pics lmk what u think

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    Club3G Forums - 95AWDGSX's Album: My 95 GSX eclipse sry i dont know how to upload them on here with all the links ha
  8. 400whp custom turbo plan (flame on)

    New user, longtime lurker. I wanted to get some input on my plan to help get my friend's 2000 Fed Spec GT 5 speed to the 400whp mark using a single turbo setup. We've worked out a lot of the details but may need some more help. I am an Rx-7 owner who has experience with custom turbo setups...

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    last tuesday night i purchased a garret turbo and intercooler from a wrx and i intend on setting it up on the 01 eclipse. it will be a sleeper set up. The spare tire well will be cut off and put a flat piece of sheet metal over it and inder that the turbo charger will sit. the air will be...
  10. Will it work

    I've already gone about my power adders decision with everybodys help but I saw this and I wanted to know if it would work. Would a VF39 turbocharger (stock STI turbo) be big enough for the 6G72. I found someone selling one in my area the guy is also willing to include a 2" up pipe and a 3"...
  11. Power Adders on 2000 GT

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    I have read through tons of threads and as soon as I think I've found the answer to my question the next thread suggests something different. Forgive me if I missed the thread with the info I needed. I'm looking to add between 50 to 150 WHP. My MAX budget would be 5K I don't have an imaginery...
  12. getting ready to install turbo

    i have everything necessary to put a turbocharger on. the only thing i need to know is were to run the oil feed from & the coolant feed. im using a 16g turbo so i havent had to deal with coolant lines. were do i get the coolant feed from and were does the coolant return? what type of lines do i...
  13. FS: Stock Stuffs

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: Stock Stuffs PRICE DROPZ OK Y'all I've got a bunch of stuff so let's get to it.... Everything is stock off my '00 GT unless specified... Prices include shipping... Fake Vents $20 SOLD Front Turns $20 Reverse Lights SOLD Fuel Door $15 Air Intake (no MAF) $60 Springs $50 Tails $40 Infinity...
  14. bend electrod ?

    question Somebody can tell me why 3 times a bend a spark-plug electrod ? thanks
  15. one question about a turbo

    i dont know what everyones been running, but i want to buy a new turbo, this guys is selling me a ball bearing turbonetics t3 t4 turbo, it has a .63 trim compressor and a .48 turbine, now my questions, does anyone know if i will have complications with it?? of also i wanted to know what sizes...
  16. Serious Turbo Options

    I'm seriously thinking about turboing my Strat. Here are some basics: - 2003 R/T - 46,000 miles - Auto trans Now, I found twin turbos that were recommended for the Stratus because they are internally wastegated at 7psi. Some one said that twin turbo was not...
  17. How toobtain a 6g72 Turbo Manifold?

    Im well aware that since there is no actual turbo kit except for the DDP kit, there is no one to provide the manifold which is the hardest part of a turbo kit. Im asking all boosted v6 3g owners on how they sourced their turbo manifolds? I assume they went to a local performance shop and had...
  18. Turbo on an Automatic?

    I basically have 2 questions: 1) Can I turbo my automatic Mitsubishi GT, and is it even worth spending the $$$ for? 2) My dads friend said something about it not passing the smog inspection, and I was wondering if this can be confirmed or not? If anyone can answer this and help me out, mucho...
  19. What Is A "Stage #" Turbo?

    What Is A "Stage #" Turbo? My buddy is always talking about stage # turbos and when I talk about turbo systems or mention cars that I like that have been modded to have a turbo system on it he asked me what stage it is? I have no idea what he's talking about. He mentioned one time that a...
  20. Turbo for my V6

    Ok, i have been talking to the guys from Welcome To Slowboy Racing and we have came to the conclusion that my turbo setup is gonna run between $4,500 and $7,000....first i will buy a stroker kit with forged internals so i can run a lot of will take 2 weeks for the install and they...