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  1. information/sources/newb

    Alright, having read the rules of the forums and seeing the flaming elsewhere I am taking a risk in posting me first in the FI section. I have no disillusions that i will be able to build a turbo, buy an ebay turbo, or turbo my car period without some further information. That is why this post...
  2. RIPP Tuner + TPS Draw Thru and what else??

    Ok, I am just trying to get some basic information. I have been thinking about this a bit and would like to do this in the future sometime down the road. I am wanting to buy the Ripp Mods tuner package and then get the Tearstone Performance Solutions Draw Thru Conversion. Other than these 2...
  3. Guess I can post it here for the GT/GTS noobs too.

    :fawk: I wonder how many people actually know how to read a compressor map. I wondered myself, what the fuck the damn thing meant. Do I need to know? Probably not, but I like to read abotu cool stuff. In any case, I foudn this today, and its a great article...
  4. Turbo Charging a 3G 6G72, briefly explained

    I have recently had a lot of PMs regarding: Turbo Charging the 3G in general What's involved in my kit How succesfull I've been What's planned for the future So, I will briefly explain my experiences and what I know about turbo charging the 3rd Generation Eclipse. Turbo charging a 3rd...