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twin turbo

  1. 3000gt vr4 parts compatibility questions

    Hey guys I'm new to this website, having not completely learned my way around it, and apologize if this has already been discussed and/or is in the wrong forum... So I got my 2001 Eclipse GT with 3.0 this past summer and have big plans for it.. I want performance performance performance.. And...
  2. JBasol is back!

    John is back to expand on his twin turbo set up. Enjoy!
  3. Twin Turbo manifold/downpipe possibility

    I imagine that someone (or many people) have already thought of this before, but maybe not. Out of curiousity, I searched eBay for 3000GT manifolds to see what sort of aftermarket options there might be out there, and voila, results: Click me! I realize that's just some wonderful XS Power/SS...
  4. Twin Turbo

    I'm looking for a twin turbo kit for my 2000 eclipse gt. Does anyone know where i can buy a kit or do i have to make a custom one? Has anyone made their own twin turbo kit for there eclipse and is it worth putting twin turbos on? Thanks!
  5. turbo ?

    Would it do any damage to the turbos or car if only one turbo was ball bearing and the other wasn't? I mean I know the one with the ball-bearing upgrade would spool up faster and I don't think this would be a bad thing as long as the car is well tuned, but I'm still not sure. Any help would be...
  6. Twin Turbo Setup

    hey all, i have been thinking about it for a wile. and i was just wondering what you all think. is it possible? well i know its possible, with the right amount of money, anything is possible. i have been looking at 3G V6 turbo kits lately, and i have been wondering "thye put the turbon on the...
  7. Doc Nitrous's TT project and engine rebuilt

    I sold my Ripp SDS si its the perfect time to start my TT kit and change my pistons for forged one by the same time. in fact i didnt had the choices for pistons, #6 cylinder is out of compression after a incient happened thursday night coming back from work. The incident is due to a...
  8. Just wondering

    Lets say you were to fab up a twin turbo kit for the 6G72......which turbos would you use for running no more than 6 or 7 PSI and why?
  9. Twin Turbo 3g?

    For the longest time I have been saving for the stage 3 SDS but now am questioning how feasable it would be to create a twin turbo 3g. I want to set mine apart from others and I think this would do it. I know there is very little room in the engine bay but if one turbo can go in, why not...