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  1. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Rims for sale. 18" black and chrome, two tone. email for pictures, [email protected] $800 obo :eek:
  2. Photoshop Requests / Tests
    Try and two tone the top half of car including hood, black or silver to match wheels.
  3. Show and Shine
    I have. 2000 gt, and want to change the look of it. Would black, or like silver loom better my accent colors. I already have some black such as the taillights, emblems. Would a two tone paint job look good? Such as the top half black and leave the bottom steel blue? Let me know what you think...
  4. Photoshop Requests / Tests
    I wanted to photoshop the shine street kit on my ride but i suck at it :facepalm: so can anyone help? i want to see how it looks like with the fron lip, side skirts and rear lip but i dont think im getting the fender flares i dont like them so dont put them on. i also would like to get the two...
1-4 of 4 Results