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  1. Problem Reports
    I have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator for my RIPP SDS set-up. I recently replaced the IAC valve on my Eclipse GS and removed the intake piping along with the battery. In putting it back together, I found this vacuum hose from the front of the aftermarket fuel pressure regulator...
  2. Problem Reports
    What's up... I drive a 2001 Eclipse GT Spyder 3.0 and I've been having EGR related codes which caused misfires and low surging idles. So I searched and found a post on removing the vacuum hose that runs to the EGR and letting it hang there and to wait like 3 days. Well I went and unhooked the...
  3. Problem Reports
    ok so i have a 2003 3G and did a 1997 6G74 swap, i had no problems with the swap and got it running and everything, but now its running shitty ( never did run perfect) and ever since i did the swap my alternator wont come on. I replaced the alternator and still nothing, not the fuse either. in...
  4. Problem Reports
    From the beginning. Car sounds and feels fine, but fails emissions, take it to the mechanic, he does stuff and gives it back. Immediately I notice a Rough Idle and take it back, he says it's normal. I accept and continue. Next day I get a P0400 trouble code, call mechanic, he says "Disconnect...
  5. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me on this. I did search for the similar problem but have not found any forum that helps so I am posting this. I completely understand about the whole search thing because trust me that annoys me as well. This is my very first post in club3g so hurray!
  6. GT/GTS
    weres the best place to get vacuum for the wastegate,bov,boost gauge and were do i put the manuel boost controler were are the best places for all these parts
  7. GT/GTS
    what do I do with the vacuum box? i have the boost pipes connected, the oil feed, the drain, sds its mounted on.. I just need the belt and vacuum block... what parts of the SDS kit need vacuum... just the BOV to the FPR.. anything else? am i pretty much done with the install after I connect...
  8. GT/GTS
    I am looking where to tap all the acc for the sds. I have 2 map sensors, BOV, FPR, and meth controller. Can ALL these be tap'd off the same line or do they need split up. What line do you recomend tapping, all to the fpr?
1-8 of 9 Results