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  1. SouthEast
    damn havent been on in a while. anyways, if you guys want to set up a meet in maybe a month or so, might have better luck cause it would have more time to spread. just a thought. so if anyone has ideas for a virginia meet in feb, i would be down and could bring a couple others. Im almost...
  2. SouthEast
    Ive noticed a lot of 3G's around fredericksburg. I was thinking maybe a meet at a diner or something then doing a cruise there, or maybe in waldorf. What dates or places sound good to you guys?
  3. SouthEast
  4. Meet Photos
    I drove up from South Carolina a few days after christmas and met up with a couple members in Virginia. Nicks eclipse is the burgandy gs and Greg's is the gun metal gs. Here are a few pics i took. We had alot of fun driving around and taking some videos. lol and fighting off bums at...
1-4 of 4 Results