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  1. Hatch and Sunroof Drainage (did read prior threads)

    Problem Reports
    Hey everyone - Any idea where the sunroof and hatch drain tubes exit? From what I've read on the forums so far, both sets of tubes exit into the wheel wells but no one has actually said where/posted photos... The prior owner undercoated where the rocker meets the wheel well, but evidently never...
  2. Hit Puddle Now Car Wont Start

    Problem Reports
    Ive tried combing the threads and people have had similar things occur to them but I wanted to also put my situation out there. I live in the Chicago Suburbs so during the winter the weather can of course get pretty bad. Well we had a small snow/hail storm and on my way to work on the route i...
  3. Help!! Water Pump Replaced Twice!!

    New Members Forum
    Hello Guys, I am new to this thread. Looks like a lot of knowledge here though. So...I have a 2006 Eclipse GS 2.4. 90,000 miles. My car stalled a few days ago and low and behold it was the timing belt. I purchased a timing belt kit and did the entire job. Timing belt, balance shaft belt...
  4. 2003 Eclispe Spyder 2.4 L4 with water in floor board

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 Spyder 2.4L L4 automatic and here in the last 2-3 days, I have gotten standing water in the driver side floor board. Initially, we had bad rains here and I thought it might have leaked in through the convertible top, but today it has not rained. There is no smell of anti-freeze...
  5. Methanol Injection

    Hey everyone, I've done a lot of searching online (and on here) and it has answered some of my questions but not all of them. Does anyone on this site have a meth injected 6cyl thats not a F.I? if so what are the HP gains? what system are you running? How big of a tank? what mixture? ect...