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    === Mod List=== Exterior -03/05 Front end Conversion. -03/05 TYC Yellow Fog Lights. -03/05 Black Housing Front Signals. -WW Full Lip Kit. (2 Tone/Satin Black) -1PC UTVProducts Billet Grille. (Satin Black) -Swift Motorsports Hide Away Plate Holder. -Sonar Projector Headlights. (CCFL Halo)...
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    Im new to this site as of today =] just thought id say hi and show you guys my car. This is when i first got it about a year ago ignore me in this pic lol This is it now! Painted my stock rims black, put it up next to the car to see what its going to look like (not using...
1-2 of 2 Results