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  1. Hi all, My Plans

    New Members Forum
    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster, just thought you would like to know my plans of a cheap diy thread I want to do. I am going to be looking into the cheapest, best way (cheap comes first) of tuning a 3G with the vag-com cable and a lesser known wideband controller, with a simulated...
  2. Wideband or narrowband air fuel gauge??

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I'm looking at getting an air fuel mixture gauge from glowshift, I just don't know If I need the narrowband or wideband gauge, or if it matters and why it makes a difference. Thanks
  3. air/fuel gauge installation

    I need some help installing air/fuel gauge. I don’t know witch of the 4 wires from the O2 sensor is the one who has the signal on my eclipse V6 gts. If anybody knows I’ll appreciate the help
  4. AEM wideband sensor location

    See pic below. I currently have my wideband sensor plugged in location 1. That pipe connects to the rear manifold which then connects to the hot side of the turbo. My question is: Is my sensor in the wrong location? I thought that the sensor was supposed to be plugged in right on the downpipe...
  5. AEM UEGO + eManage Ultimate

    How could I possibly use these two together so that the eManage Ultimate used the output from the AEM UEGO for its auto-tuning? I would like to use the AEM UEGO controller with the gauge display and keep the functionallity of the gauge. Could I simply tap the signal wires that feed the gauge...
  6. FI A/F ratio through RPM's?

    SETUP: RIPP SDS Stage 2 w/ large shaft pulley, large crank pulley, 14psi 310cc injectors, inline Walboro pump, malpassi FPR, GTS manifold RIPP 9.5:1 forged pistons, decked and balanced block, P&P heads to lower manifold, RIPP headers with 1 high flow cat, ACT clutch, Fidanza flywheel, Quaife...
  7. Optimal location of Wideband Sensor

    I'm trying to figure out where the best place to get a bung welded for the O2 sensor of my wideband - what would be the best place?
  8. Why some widebands do not work with emanage

    The reason alot of widebands don't work is becuase the ouyput is not linear. So with that said does any know of any that do have a linear read out.
  9. E-Manage Ultimate Questions

    wideband any emanage Does anyone know how to hook up a wideband to the emanage for a/f maping.
  10. lean condition. . need a recirc. blow off?

    i noticed with my sds that whenever the car over 20 mph and my foot is off the gas i'm getting a very drastic lean condition. is that because of the released air from the blowoff? would a recirculating blow off valve fix this problem or is it normal and nothing to worry about?